Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cumin and stay awhile

"To me, cumin smells like a sweaty, stinky hippy girl I used to have a crush on in college. I try cook with it often. I also find that rich meaty broths (chicken or beef in particular) have an unusual depth of appeal for me that I think is related to the primal warm salinity of amniotic fluid.And maybe this is where I step beyond where most people can relate: I really like the smell of burning hair. I haven't met anyone else who feels this way."
--Some dude named Tom on the Chowhound post, "Food that tastes person-like"

Sorry to be so late to this weekend's spice party! I was out camping and running over the river and through the woods at a cross-country race.

Sommer Marsden is jazzing up the kitchen with Cumin where it is revealed that one of the molecules in cumin is also found in sweat. God, that's hot. Makes me want a big platter of freshly harvested Oregon mussels with melted butter and an ice cold cumin-spiced Luchador!

Luchador Beer Cocktail
1 (12-ounce) pilsner-style Mexican beer, such as Modelo
2 ounces Clamato juice
1 ounce lime juice
3 dashes hot sauce
Pinch cumin seeds
Pinch freshly ground black pepper
Pinch kosher salt

Speaking of sweat, how 'bout some Schweddy Balls!

Here's the Sunday Spice lineup -- almost time for some fun with Cinnamon!

>6/28 Gina Marie—cinnamon
7/5 Scarlett Greyson--thyme
7/12 Craig Sorensen--pepper
7/19 Jeremy Edwards--dill
7/26 Isabel Kerr--ginger
8/2 Marina St. Clare----basil
8/9 BadAssKona--rosemary
8/16 Emerald--poppy seeds
8/23 P.S. Haven--salt
8/30 Stay Tuned! Special Grand Finale

Photo: Hippie Girl found here.


BadAssKona said...

Thinkin' butter-fried tiger lily blossoms, with a dash of cumin, might just do the trick

Gina Marie said...

Mmmmmmm! You have me with butter! Tiger lily blossoms with cumin -- that sounds divine and dashing and delicious!!!!