Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sugar and spice....

And everything naughty.

Donna George Storey is launching the "Spice Sunday Blog Tour" today! I'll be leaping into the fray with cinnamon at the end of June. I'm working on a dirty little theatrical production involving the diabolical side of cinnamon set in Brazil. There's so much more to cinnamon than the stereotypical cinnamon bun sweetness. I prefer the Hell's Kitchen fire & brimstone application of spice in cooking and in life. Where spice is variety, variety is raw energy, hilarity and creativity.

Here's the lineup.

Cue the music! Neil Young performing Cinnamon Girl in Rio!

5/31 Donna George Storey—Opening ceremonies

6/7 Erobintica—hot chili powder

6/14 Neve Black—cilantro

6/21 Sommer Marsden—cumin

6/28 Gina Marie (artist formerly known as Kirsten Monroe)—cinnamon

7/5 J.M. Stone—thyme

7/12 Craig Sorensen—peppercorns

7/19 Jeremy Edwards—dill

7/26 Isabel Kerr—ginger

8/2 Marina St. Clare—basil

8/9 Cerulean—rosemary

8/16 Emerald—poppy seeds

8/23 P. S. Haven—salt

8/30 A luxurious adieu!


Cinnamon Flower found on Flickr


Donna said...

Oh, my, diabolical cinnamon! I can't wait ;-). I'm feeling hot already....probably need another beer :-).

Gina Marie said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for hosting Sunday Spice!! I'm feeling hot too....probably need more whiskey.