Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Making love in the cocoon of a tent, light softened and warm. Body and mind aloft in a hammock of freedom, the natural world holding more tightly than the human one. Animal desires seeping through roots and rocks and fern spore, lust rising like mist in the elk meadow.

Kissing you awake on crisp hotel linens. Sprawling you out against down pillows. Delivering coffee, the daily news and pastries. Serving you while you sleep. Watching your face while you dream. Waking you from toe to cheek with my lips.

Home. Doors and windows open all night. Summer air like champagne bubbles, bursting into naughty childlike giggles. Kissing you awake before dawn. Stretching against your warm skin. Releasing against your fingertips. Drifting off again, lazy and wet, curled into you, your heart beating softly against my spine.


Good morning! I like waking up. Every day is like a fresh start. We think we know our routines, put faith in day-to-day patterns, the calendar, the schedule. But the reality is, we don't really know. The possibilities are limitless. Out of respect for morning, out of love for fresh starts, I like greeting the day with enthusiasm and, of course, kisses. Smooch!

This poem by John Sydney South, "Morning Hunger" at Clean Sheets is beautiful.

A tease:
Sun enters the room as I enter you,
languorous, ravenous (from sleep's
fast) to taste your sweaty skin....

May your day be full of sun and sky and wide open spaces. And it's always good to remember that palm trees once flourished in Seattle. (Photo of an Ancient palm fossil from Bellingham, WA taken at the Burke Museum of Natural History at the University of Washington).


BadAssKona said...

And small polished stones singing in the brook spoke the language of music and love...

Craig Sorensen said...


As always, beautiful.

Erobintica said...

Very nice - even though I'm reading this in evening.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Those three beautiful, sexy vignettes complement each other so well—you bring out such a parade of textures and flavors, different every time.