Friday, May 22, 2009

Go Daisy, Go!

I brought up my email yesterday to find a message from Oysters & Chocolate. I hesitated. Such a beautiful day. I didn't want it tainted with a rejection notice. Now that's no kind of attitude, is it? I can handle rejection as a fact of the writerly life, but timing is important. I considered ignoring it for the time being -- right. I'm a little impatient. A lot impatient. So I risked it. Just leap. The water's fine. I took a long breath of warm, spring air and double-clicked.

Exhale. Smile! Congratulations!!

Oysters & Chocolate accepted the second collaboration between KM and BAK, writing as Daisy James. This piece is called, "Room 1405 Seattle." It will go live on June 29.

Here's an excerpt & Daisy's Bio. She's going places! Maybe she'll have her own blog someday and a touring bus. An old crazy-painted VW bus with elk horns and a golden dildo mounted on the front. Many thanks to Jordan & Samantha for accepting Daisy's piece and for totally making my day by calling it "gorgeous" in the acceptance note....probably a standard message, but I'm loving it anyway. And you BAK, of course, thank you for collaborating and adding so much steel and strength to my shadow and light.

Room 1405, Seattle
A tease
By Daisy James

He held her there before the flickering lights of the city, suspended and exposed, and utterly shameless. She sucked in a ragged breath and pushed away all fear as he urged her on. “Show them,” he whispered. “Show them who you really are.” In the presence of his confidence and strength, she spread her wings and legs wide and smiled as he radiated into her depths. Suddenly, she desperately wanted to be seen this way, observed in this manner by him and a hundred million anonymous eyes. Through half-closed eyelids, she could see shadowy forms working late in their offices. She imagined their desire licking at her wet, naked body. She felt their longing to taste, if only for a moment, the magic that was theirs to share. She was their secret passion, blaring like neon from the sky.

Who is this Daisy chick?
Daisy James lives, dreams amongst the ferns and cedars of the Pacific Northwest. She believes in the magic of moonlight and olive oil. She dances in waterfalls, runs nude on the beach, wears colorful scarves, and paints her toenails blue just because it makes her happy. At the ripe old age of 94 she still believes in lust, love, and the healing power of orgasmic pleasure.



neve black said...

Oh, sweetie! That's awesome!

I'm so happy for you. Please tell BAK, "YOWZA" from me too. :-)


Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks Neve! Hey BAK, YOWZA from the lovely Neve Black!

Marina said...

Yay Kirsten and BAK!! Yay Daisy!!! I hope I'm enjoying life like that when I'm 94!

How wonderful for both of you -- the two of you writing together is such an amazing combination!

Donna said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to read the whole delicious story--sex on stage before a whole city. Mmmm. But then all of your creations are yummy!

Craig Sorensen said...

Excellent! That Daisy is a force to be reckoned with!

BadAssKona said...

I want to thank my parents, my agent, my producer, my publicist, my accountant, my attorney, and all the little people who stood behind me and had faith in my abilities as a writer! And, most of all, I want to thank KM for being the most exciting and creative collaborator a man could hope for.... :-)

Emerald said...

Congratulations!! Lovely snippet -- I also look forward to reading the rest!

Erobintica said...

Congrats KM, BAK & Daisy!

I will celebrate for you in the woods of Maine today!

And BAK - your comment made me laugh this tired and stiff morning.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Marina, thank you!! Shanna Germain and I wrote a story together a million years ago and she sent it to me this morning. I threw away everything I wrote when I tossed away the dirty pen about nine years ago. Listen up people, don't ever do that!!! Be true to yourselves. Write poetry, write smut, write church hymns, write whatever the fuck you want and don't feel bad about it. I might have to post the KM/Shanna collaboration.

Donna! I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of the story!

Hey Craig. Yeah, Daisy is something else all right.

BAK -- thanks for remembering the little people! And thanks for sharing your words. This shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

Mucho thanks Emerald!!

Hi Robin, oh how lovely, the woods of Maine!! Take lots of pictures.

Thank you all so much. The erotica community is the coolest.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Sounds like the protagonist can thank the person standing behind her, too!

Super sexy situation and description—e.g., "She was their secret passion, blaring like neon from the sky"! Can't wait for June 29. Congrats!

And you can bet I'm hoping the KM/Shanna collab gets posted!