Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fell into a cloudless sky

Kentucky Derby Day! Big hats and bourbon....ya! I drove by Churchhill Downs on my way to tour the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky a couple of years ago. I enjoyed visiting Kentucky -- such beautiful country, though the Confederate flags prominently displayed in windows was a little odd. The smell of whiskey scented air -- the "angel's share" as it's known, more than made up for it.

The Derby reminds me of this story I entered into one of Alison Tyler's most excellent contests. The "Gay Sex Bonanza" contest is open until tomorrow -- what are you waiting for? Come out & play.

Sugar Coated Sin


Joe started at Rickie Lee’s ass and licked his way slowly to the sugar.

The porch swing creaked as he bent over her, licking and sucking and kissing, on his knees and naked except for his riding boots and hat. He gave the velvet cushioned swing a little push.

Rickie Lee arched and twisted atop the cushions, her skin glowing like a moonflower in the dark.

“God you taste good,” Joe whispered. Her ass tasted like sunshine and sea salt, her hips like fire roasted tomatoes. The hot length of her perfect back tasted like honey wine, drenched and beading moisture like the silver julep cup that sat weeping on the porch rail. Her lips tasted like bourbon and mint with more than a hint of cock.

Joe lapped at Rickie Lee’s sugar-coated mouth and teased her nipples with whiskey ice, breathing in the sweet scent of her hair, all bluegrass and sweat and hot leather. At last he pressed his tongue deep into her ice-chilled mouth and fell into a cloudless sky, his dick swelling again with desire.

“Looks like you were in a hurry to get to the good stuff Rickie Lee,” he said of her lips, sweetened with white powder when she’d taken a fast, cool drink, the perfect end to a perfect blow job. “You should sip your drink like a lady.”

“Shush Joe,” Rickie Lee reprimanded. “You know I’m no lady. Now shut up and keep licking me straight to hell. I feel a sin coming on.”

Strawberry Mint Julep

Mmmmmm good!

For each drink:
2 large ripe strawberries, washed and hulled
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 cup good quality bourbon

Preparation: Crush 1 strawberry in a julep tumbler or similar glass , about 10 to 12 ounces in size. Add sugar and a small amount of bourbon, about 2 to 3 teaspoons; stir until sugar is dissolved. Fill glass or tumbler half full with crushed ice. Add remaining bourbon; stir, not touching cup with hand, until blended.

Fill glass with crushed ice. Stir, not touching with hands, until the cup frosts. Cut remaing strawberry in slices; use to garnish the julep.


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Donna said...

Oh, how delicious. This should be in a cookbook!

Back in college Derby coincided with house parties and there were plenty of mint julep parties. I think they'd be better with strawberries!