Thursday, May 14, 2009


Girl Crazy, that is. The Blue Fairy came in the night and turned me into a real erotica writer. It's my first story in a book and I am very excited. It's been a long, twisty road getting to this point and I am so excited. I battled dragons and fought off trolls and landed sunny-side-up with a book in my hot little hands. Did I mention that I'm kind of excited?

Thanks to all of you wonderful people out there who offered encouragement. Hooray for the yay-sayers in this world! You make me smile. You lift me up!

My story in this collection is Road Trip. I tried to express a sense of freedom, sensuality of nature, exploration, wild abandon, timelessness and passion. All of my favorite themes. I hope I succeeded.

Here's a tease. Click here for the Amazon link & to take a peek inside the book. Special thanks to editor Sacchi Green!

Road Trip
An excerpt

“There’s absolutely no fucking reason why we shouldn’t.” Millie smiled at me and raised her hands and shoulders into a question. “Give me one reason why not.”

I could hear the sound of a woodpecker pounding holes in a nearby snag.

I realized at that moment that Millie, in all of her free-spirited hilarity, was serious about the fucking. Why did she have to dare me? She shook out her ponytail, her long wavy blond hair falling across her shoulders. She slipped out of her tank top and stood up braless in her faded jeans, following her young, firm breasts in circles, spinning, the filtered sunlight giving her muscular body an unearthly glow.

She took my hand and pulled me up off the ground, grabbing my ass as I stood up. She pressed her face onto my neck and nibbled at my ear, then reached into my shirt and pinched a nipple hard.

“Ouch Millie! That hurt.”

I felt myself getting wet.

She giggled and put her hands on her hips. “You need to lighten up Bryn. Slam another beer. Let’s have some fun.”

Girl Crazy contributors!

Sommer Marsden

Kyle Sontz


Scarlett French

Lux Zakari

Anna Watson

D.L. King

Charlotte Dare

Jean Roberta

Shain Everett

Jacqueline Applebee

Kristina Wright

Catherine Lundoff

Maggie Cee

Sacchi Green

Danielle De Santiago

Fran Walker

Renee Strider

Cheyenne Blue

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Shanna Germain said...

Oh baby baby baby!

I'm so fucking excited for you! Hurray, hurray, fucking hurray!

-does her cheerleader dance, sans skirt-


Shanna Germain said...

Or, well..

-does a different dance-

come, come, come!


Kirsten Monroe said...

Shanna! Thank you, thank you. Thanks for being there, here & everywhere for me. Nice pom-poms! You come too -- come home!


neve black said...

That's so AWESOME!

Yah! I'm as equally excited for you as Shanna.

It's a really great little tickle in your belly to see your name in a book. Very, very exciting!

I hope you're celebrating! Wait, who am I speaking too? Ms. Fancy-Pants will sure be dancing a jig under a moon in proper celebrating fashion!

Donna said...

Oh, Kirsten, BIG congratulations! Not that you haven't been a real erotica writer for a while now, but I remember well the thrill of my first print publication. There's nothing more sensual and thrilling than holding that book in your hands. And for some reason one's own stories always seem better in print.

Find a nice place on your book shelf with plenty of room beside it, because this blue fairy predicts many more KM bylines to come!

Donna said...

Oh, um, any special culinary celebrations plans for your debut ;-)?

ChicagoSane said...


All my FAO (for adults only) fiction and non-fiction is published under a nom de plume, but it's still nice to see that name in print.

My real name publications, on the other hand, rarely sell well, so it's not as nice :)

BadAssKona said...

I'm dancing in my new undies!! Excellent news KM! On Fa Fa Weh, we always knew you'd hit the big time! Some of those folks on Close Fa Weh didn't know what they had. I wonder if there's been a Nobel Prize for erotic literature, yet....hmmmmmm

Erobintica said...

Yay Kirsten!!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Wooooooooohooooooooooo! You are such an important part of why the erotica world is so wonderful and exciting these days, and now the print erotica world will never be the same.

Craig Sorensen said...

Yay, I say!

Now you're going to have to start that shelf.

Looks like an awesome collection. Congrats!

EllaRegina said...

Like what Donna said...

I didn't need to see a list of publication credits to be convinced that you were a real erotica writer.


Yeah, I predict sagging bookshelves holding your splendiferous word combinations, so buy some strong wood!

Word: ardsing as in, you're probably out in the yARD SINGing right now!


Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Neve! Thanks so much. I'll be camping this weekend -- celebrating in style for sure.

Donna! Something about paper and ink I guess. Internet publishing is wonderful, but I am looking forward to getting that shelf started. As for culinary delights, I don't have anything specific planned except for s'mores and whiskey around the campfire....though I'm thinking some kind of geoduck dish might be fun.

Hey Chicago, thanks so much. I write erotica under a pseudonym. But it's all me.

Hi BAK -- woo! Anytime I can get someone dancing in their undies, new or otherwise well, it's a great day!

Wow Jeremy, what a compliment. Thanks so much. And thanks for saying, "hey girlie, get that thing off your blog and send it somewhere." You da man!

Hi Craig -- you awesome yay-sayer, you! I don't have a shelf yet, but it's on my to-do list!

EllaRegina! Note to self: "Buy strong wood." You are the best -- love ya & thank you thank you!

Marina said...

Kirsten - sorry I'm late! WOOHOO FOR YOU!!!! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

hey i m late too..:-)

..but i just recieved my copy of girl crazy today and read your story and had to let you know that i really really enjoyed reading it..

girl crazy isnt my first story in a book but my first english story in an american book...and i m just like you happy and proud and everything about it...its just great to be in there with so many talented profies like sommer dl sacchi catherine and kristina (very happy about that hehe*) and also to know i m not the only new one in the gang since there are so awsome "first timer" like you are..:-) its a great feeling!