Thursday, April 23, 2009


Lemonade. Mixed by hand. Three ingredients. Not from a can. Or a scoop. Lemonade and rainbow sherbet floats in the grass. In the sun. Warm breeze that smells like budding maple leaves. Boys laughing. Board games. Big yellow dog. Smiling after school. Letting my hair down. New bottle of olive oil. Buttered fingers. Laundry fluttering, not tumbling. Popcorn from a pan. Stereo volume louder than usual. Doors and windows open. Flies finding their own way in and out. No swatter necessary. Not for flies anyway.

I sent a pack of boys outside to play yesterday -- deplugged them from video games and waved my hand towards the door. "Out! The sun is shining!" I spread a blanket in the backyard and handed them a board game, delivered ice cream floats in big mugs and brought popcorn in a big red bowl. Then I watched them and giggled at their silliness. The air was soft as butter and smelled like flowers. I did the dishes. I sang with Patsy Cline. I poured more lemonade. Eventually they left the game and started wrestling around in the grass. They stained their clothes. They got their hands sticky. They wore themselves out. They learned new things and tasted new tastes and lived a little bit bigger. Just enough to build some new muscles.

I'm working on a fun story -- something naughty, but yesterday was all about letting the warm breeze carry the spidewebs off into the trees....and laughing. It was a good, silly afternoon.

Speaking of silly and good, this little piece in the new issue of Defenestration is great. Enjoy!

An email from the Amish by Jimmy Chen

Click here for the full story

"It’s winter again. Since ‘typing’ this (with the whisk generators and all),
our crops have been completely neglected. But the lemon meringue pies are out of
this world, and by world we mean ‘2009.’ Thank you for your patience. That is

Ride the lightning!!!"


Erobintica said...

The picture made me laugh. And the Jimmy Chen piece is great - But try to use the ‘caps lock’ button sparingly; it freaks out the horse. hahaha.

There is NOTHING like homemade lemonade. Once you've tried it you can never go back.

I'm waiting for the real arrival of open window weather (we had a teasing taste or two). Stereo volume louder than usual. :-) Yup!

neve black said...

I think if I lived next door to you, I might always be over. :-)

What a delightful and fun day:
"laundry fluttering, not tumbling." Sunshine brightens all aspects, doesn't?

I've missed you. I've been away too long.

Craig Sorensen said...

Sounds like the perfect afternoon!

The Amish Airlines and Email cracked me up, especially with the Amish just living a bit down the road from me.

Good stuff.

Emerald said...

Beautiful post, Kirsten. Thanks so much!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Y'all - sorry to be so tardy getting back to this. Where was I? Out in the desert someplace I think, chasing a tumbleweed.

Robin -- there isn't anything like the old fresh-squeezed for sure. How do they wreck it up so badly making it convenient?

Hi Neve, please, please stop by for a visit! Miss you too!

Hey Craig -- doesn't get much better. I've always been fascinated with the simplicity of certain cultures like Amish -- but I like my city life too.

Hey Emerald -- I see on your site that you've busted out the fairy dust and are off on a journey. Have so much fun!