Thursday, April 2, 2009

Full Pink Moon

Moon alert: April 9 is the Full Pink Moon! Crank the music! Spin, jump & dance! Then smile & make saurkraut!

"For the best-tasting sauerkraut, make it just after the full Moon."
--Old Farmer's Almanac

One of my kids called recently from an out-of-town trip to share his excitement & amazement at the sight of the night sky in a place without light pollution. The other one called to tell me all about the thrill of racing across the sand atop a speeding quad. Chills & thrills! I love it when they share things like that with so much enthusiasm -- it's a gift returned.

Making saurkraut is simple -- especially when the moon is just right. This fermentation site is great -- all kinds of info about the magic of harnessing microorganisms to transform food. Anyway, there's just nothing better than a big greasy brat slathered in homemade saurkraut & hot mustard and washed down with glass of homebrew.

Photo: Fly Me to the Moon -- Deviant Art


Jeremy Edwards said...

I'll be watching for that full pink moon ... and the big greasy brat that may ensue!

Erobintica said...

Oh! I have that book - Wild Fermentation. Haven't actually tried anything yet - hope to sometime in the not too distant future.

Full Pink Moon - bring it on! One week to go!

neve black said...

Full pink moons? Wow. Now you know my OCD just kicked in and I'm going to be in full research moon throttle tonight. :-)