Monday, March 23, 2009

Two birds with......

One nut!

Hooray -- two smutty stories out on the same day!

Over at Clean Sheets, Le Pain by that wild woman Daisy James is scheduled to be up Wed., March 25 in Exotica. Thanks to BAK -- amazing what can be created with a little yeast, ink, air & light.

Here's my Chanukah love story -- Fairy Tale Ending -- thanks so much to Ruthie's Club!(subscription required).

Honeyed kisses to EllaRegina for the story start on this one and shout-out to Jeremy Edwards for saying "go Kirsten, go!" Vroom.

Fairy Tale Ending
(The beginning)

The fountain of youth was how Ariel liked to think of it. Leave them with their spirits bright and untarnished. Send them away smiling and filled to overflowing with a full stomach, a night of searing hot passion, and love’s last kiss.

She began with the delicate, purple and white, fairy tale eggplants from her garden and roasted them with sweet, red lipstick peppers. She sliced the eggplants in half, brushed them with Tuscan olive oil, and sprinkled them with salt from her own dried tears. The aroma that rose from the heavy clay baking dish was that of cypress and spice—the smell of faraway lands, the scent of wanderlust. As Ariel tossed the vegetables, the spoon on the terracotta made the sound of sails unfurling, of thick soles on cobblestones, and bicycle tires on wet earth.

Next, she seared the oxtails that would bathe in marrow and blood for hours, a broth of passion and sexual fulfillment to feed the hungriest of desires. Then she would steep the soft flesh in red wine, with sun-dried tomatoes for prosperity, pickled nasturtium pods for fulfillment of unspoken dreams, rosemary for the exorcism of despair, and the fire of a large pinch of Hungarian paprika to feed Mikael’s long-lost Gypsy soul.

When Mikael arrived, the table was set, the cinnamon candles lit. He swooned. Ariel fed him and lavished him with attention until he thought he might burst and melt at the same time. They finished the evening with anisette and chocolate lavender torte. Anise to repel evil spirits and loneliness. Chocolate for lust. Lavender for sweet dreams. They fell asleep as tightly wound as vines, but when Ariel awoke just after dawn, Mikael was indeed gone.

She stretched happily atop the robin-egg blue sheets and sighed. A light snow had fallen in the night. Bear Creek gurgled at the bottom of the ravine. A flicker called to its mate. When she looked out the window, Ariel saw the outline of Mikael’s footprints headed down the long drive. By noon, they had melted away.


BadAssKona said...

Congrats to Daisy!! Nuthin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven...

Craig Sorensen said...

Two published on one day. What an accomplishment!

Love the excerpt!

verification word = blisto

Blisto it, Kirsten!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I'm so glad you vroomed! I love, love, LOVE all the sass and whimsy and tenderness and friskiness and wild vitality of this extraordinary tale!

Congratulations to Daisy, too! Looking forward to nibbling her breadstuffs!

Neve Black said...

Hi there!
Yowza, sassy pants!


EllaRegina said...

Congratulations! And glad that Chanukah story had a Fairy Tale Ending. ;-)