Sunday, March 15, 2009

Polished by clouds and wind

Got my Irish on this morning doing one of my favorite things -- running for beer! Our merry band braved the wind and the rain this morning along with 20,000 or so of our best friends at a St. Paddy's Day run through Portland. It was so cold that my legs went numb from the tops of my thighs at the hem of my day-glo green fishnet mini-skirt to the tips of my waterlogged toes. At one point I looked across the street and saw my reflection in an office building window -- happy pink lips, a bright blue wig, and colorful tattoo arm sleeves streaking across the glass. Wheeee! I ran as fast as I could on frozen feet that felt like clubs -- wooden clubs like the kind you might take seal hunting in the Arctic. In other words, I didn't run very fast. I did make it to the beer garden before the beer ran out though, and got my goose pimpled club legs to the Irish pub for a Guinness and a shot of Bushmills (OK, two) before the bagpipes quit.

I never really warmed up though, not to the bone, and finally slipped into the tub after dinner. I sank into the warm water and read my new National Geographic, fascinated by an article about a nature preserve in Tibet. The beautiful photos and this small paragraph captured my thoughts:
"Crystal pools glisten among drifts of mist and legend. In an ancient love story a Tibetan god gave a mirror polished by clouds and wind to a goddess, who dropped it. Shards scattered, forming Jiuzhaigou's 118 lakes."

I thought of the wind and the clouds while running this morning. Then I recalled my reflection in the window. I thought about glass breaking and a thousand reflecting pools forming. Imagination, polished by clouds and wind, spilled out, glittering in the street.


Love this -- Violet Blue's take on the "red state conservatives love to buy porn but the blue staters are tech savvy enough to find the free stuff, and trying to find good toys in Utah is still a bummer" news.

Makes me want a can of beer and some good ol' red state cooking -- a bag of Ruffles and a bowl of creamy dip. From a box of course.

Lipton Onion Dip

1 envelope "Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup Mix"
1 container sour cream.
Mix 'n Dip!

Oh yeah baby!


Craig Sorensen said...

Hi Kirsten,

Lipton Onion Soup Dip is one of my favorite things...


And forsooth, I love the cartoon.

Naughty Bill...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Actually, that fake Shakespeare letter is not too different from some real Chaucer passages!

Erobintica said...

forsooth! I love that word.

Emerald said...

Beautiful images, Kirsten. Thanks. And congrats on your run!

My spam word is "ioningly" - an adverb to mean "with every atom." Which I feel could describe the way you have seemed to experience a lot of things you have talked about on your blog! :) As well as a word that would seem to come in handy for erotica writers...

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Craig! Funny stuff, eh?

Jeremy! Hello! Hooray for Chaucer -- and his good old fashioned sauciness!

Hey Robin -- forsooth rocks! I agree :)

Hi Emerald, thanks for stopping by. You are the sweetness and the sauciness!

Neve Black said...

Good for you for braving the cold and and running! Running to a beer garden is probably one of the best rewards.

Two shots of Blackbush?