Thursday, March 26, 2009

Girls just wanna

Shanna Germain is a very good friend. The best kind of friend. The kind I can jump into bed with on a moment's notice -- hee! The kind I can hang out with and talk about ANYTHING. And I really do mean anything. She doesn't judge. Doesn't squint or squirm. Just blushes and giggles and listens.

The "bedding beauties" photos on Alison's site and Shanna's blog bring back some great memories, yes they do! It is a great feeling to be comfortable enough with one's body to get in front of the camera -- and it's been a long time coming for me.

I thought it would be fun jump in here and add a few "behind the scenes" shots, you know, like rock stars have. The party before the party. The "girls just want to have fun" pics. We met at the Bubble Tea cafe on a weekday morning. We noshed on enormous cheesy meat-slathered bagels and asked for extra whipped cream on our mochas. We vented about life's little situations -- a happy, sweet sort of bitching. Then we shopped. Oh, we shopped. The funny thing is, neither of us is classically a "shopper." Not that we don't spend money. Smile. Just that we know what we want and we buy it. Lolly gagging ain't our bag. But this time we really shopped. We slipped in and out of those funky little rooms. We had our grubby hands all over everything in these urban eclectic slutty sorts of shops. We laughed and hopped around. At one point, I had Shanna in a fit of hysterics on the floor in front of my little stall. The pierced, tatted shop guy didn't even notice that a half-naked woman was writhing on the ground. Guess it happens all the time. We tried on stuff we'd never buy, but always wanted to....and we sure wanted to see how it looked on our asses before we put it back on the rack.

That was a fun day too. A flying sort of day. Wings are good. So are true friends. Thanks Shanna. You know, for everything.


Erobintica said...

I love the wigs. And that lace-up dress!

Sounds like a fun time ... though it made me feel a bit melancholy (but don't mind me) - Cyndi Lauper is now going through my head - I jiggled my firstborn to that album ;-)

Erobintica said...

oh, and I really like your header picture this time around - made me think of the line

"bring me a shrubbery"


Donna said...

I'm sort of late to the festivities here, but, whew, you two make a gorgeous pair. And not that I watch too many reality shows, but it's so fun to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the fun as well the sleek "official" portraits. You girls do know how to have fun :-).

Kristina Wright said...

LOVE the way you framed that last picture of you. Just terrific. :)

BadAssKona said...

Oh, to be a strand of spaghetti on the wall....

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you both so much for letting us sneak into the dressing room with you ... and climb into bed with you ... and get in on the wig flipping and bagel noshing and floor writhing! You two sure know how to spread the fun around ... and up the stairs and down the hall ... and all over everything!

Shanna Germain said...

Oh yeah, we had so much fun! Like KM said, I'm not really a "girly girl" but it sure was fun to play one for a day.

And, yeah, isn't that photo of her fantastic? Really captures her bedroom eyes!

:) s.

PS - OMG! My secret word is: bunfil.

Oh, yes, yes, yes!

Neve Black said...

I'm tickled from head to toe about these pictures, Kirsten!

What a great lifetime memory you both have. So special. Big, big smile.

Craig Sorensen said...

What a wonderful time you two had! Thanks for having us along behind the scenes.

Thus say the knights who say "ni."

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Robin, sorry that you're feeling a big melancholy! Come on out here and play dress-up with us! Amazing what trying on stripper boots can do for your mojo :) I think that nude shot up top is called "Nude with tumble weed." I've always liked tumble weeds.

Hi Donna, you're so sweet. We do know how to have fun and it seems like we get better at it every day!

Kristina! Thanks -- got lucky on that one. Little cyclops in the dressing room -- ha!

Hey BAK -- oh to be those stripper boots!

Hi Jeremy, any time. Come on out west with Robin. I saw a wig that reminded me of you....

Hi Shanna, your spamword made me giggle. I have bedroom eyes? Really? How exciting is that!!!

Hi Neve, yes! A lifetime memory! Woo!

Howdy Craig -- "we want a shrubbery!"