Friday, March 20, 2009

A chorus of longing

The singing of hundreds of horny pseudacris regillas (Pacific Tree Frogs) brought life and some good old timey fucking to the suburbs this evening -- right on cue with the arrival of spring. Oh yeah!

Every wet spot and water pail and fountain and backyard pond vibrated with the song of songs. A chorus of longing filled the air, the boys in green desperate to wrap those muscular jumping legs around some hot froggy chick and take her down, give it to her good, right there in the back yard.

I didn't actually see any of the little heavy breathers, just heard the electric sound of the males trying to "out-sing" each other in their quest for some springtime delight, but thankfully I hunted down some good frog porn for this post.

These photos are so sensual. Those are some sexy amphibians -- just look at the big eyes, the wet, smooth skin, the way they cling to one another. And these two below -- they just glow, don't they?

"Only the males call, and it's to provide the female with information about the species of the frog: that he's male, that he's in the right place for mating, and that he's in condition to mate."
Pulse of the Planet

And that shiny, gelatanous "Frogspawn" (below) is just so cool!

It really is spring. Go froggies, go!


Emerald said...

That top picture is so adorable!! Thanks!

Craig Sorensen said...

Awesome! What a way to greet the spring.

Thank you!

Neve Black said...

Ahhhhh... the sounds of Spring in the air. Those little, horny singers! Good for them. :-)

Erobintica said...

Around here they call them spring peepers. It's always a treat to hear them for the first time. The hills are alive with the sound of - horniness ;-) yay!