Sunday, March 1, 2009

And now, ladies and gentlemen: NEVE BLACK!!!

Woo! Clap-clap-clap. Wolf whistle!!! The crowd is going crazy -- it's a standing ovulation, I mean ovation!
HUGE congrats to Neve Black who recently published her first Novel, "Sex through the Zodiac." As a member of the Neve cheering squad, I encourage everyone to buy a copy! It's an astrological carpet ride that will leave you dripping with pleasure. First, I just have to say that Neve Black has become an amazing writerly friend. She is always there with a kind word or a note of encouragement. She is as amazing and lovely as the stars -- and her erotic fiction is just as brilliant. When I was contemplating images for this post I thought to myself, "Neve is like one of those shimmering celestial photographs captured by the Hubble telescope." With that in mind, I hereby declare this beauty the Neve Nebula.

Now, back to "Sex Through the Zodiac." Here's one of my favorite scenes -- when Roxanne and a bisexual friend have a conversation that puts some hair on the bartender's chest!
“Oh, did you say you haven’t been with a woman fire sign?” She asked with baited breath, batting her eyelashes at me. She had turned this uncomfortable situation around into something titillating and definitely sexual. I knew she wouldn’t just ask the question without having a specific purpose behind it. She was flirting with the idea of us experiencing each other sexually.

Because Sagittarians are fire signs, I knew fire signs are forthright and rarely have inhibitions when it comes to sex. They jump first into the sex and think about the relationship aspects afterwards, so I acted boldly, because I knew it was a trait she would appreciate. “Are you interested in having sex?” I inquired with my index finger, lifting it in the air; dangling it between us.

Before she could answer my question, my peripheral vision caught sight of the bartender. His mouth was gaping open as he stood behind the bar, within ear shot of us, obviously eavesdropping on our conversation. He was pretending to clean a wine glass. I looked straight at him with my Scorpio death glare and he turned and walked toward the other end of the bar.

“Yes.” She responded quickly. “I’ve fantasized running my tongue over you no less than 100 times,” she said confessing yet another secret to me.


Neve provided some thought-provoking ideas to comment on. Chime in and I'll put your name in the silk stocking for a couple of prize drawings -- a copy of Sex Through the Zodiac and a special star-studded package that will include a bar of Zodiac soap from Etsy to match your sign!

  • Do you agree with Roxanne's sexual zodiac research that each of the twelve zodiac signs has its own unique sexual characteristics? Or do you think all zodiac signs are created sexually equal?
  • Have you ever been with a zodiac sign (s) that you just couldn't sync-up with sexually? Has it happened more than once? Yes? Was it the same sign?

  • Or conversely, has there been a celestial sign (s) you just couldn't keep your grubby hands, titilating toes, hungry mouth and throbbing genitalia away from? Has this been a repetitive phenomena?

  • Do you have a burning, sexual zodiac question about your sign, or your lover's sign that you'd like Roxanne to answer?


Marina said...

Hi Kirsten and Neve and Roxanne - so lovely to see you three heavenly bodies!

Here's my question: What about same-sign couples? We often hear about how well one sign might - or might not - work out with another. But, what might one expect if you are both the same sign?

Neve Black said...

Wow Kirsten! A standing ovulation and a Neve Nebula. Wow! Thank you so much for that incredible introduction. This scorpio is very flattered. Thank you.

Neve Black said...

Hi Marina,
Thank you for that intriguing question. I think two of the same zodiac signs can most definately set off fire works - which zodiac sign are we speaking of here? Care to be more specific? Do you know the moon signs of these same sign lovers too?

Marina said...

OK - there's an April 1, 1965 Aries (umm, that would be me!)and a March 27, 1960 Aries. What do you think? Don't know the moon signs! Yikes! So much to know!

My verification word is fuzatat! I am definitely fuzzy about that!

Neve Black said...

You're an April Fool's Birthday, baby! That's cool. Thank you for sharing uour information and participating.

You're the second Ram artist I know that shares her pillow with another Ram. Interesting.

The planets closest to the earth generally have the most impact on us. Each planet governs a zodiac sign; sometimes two. Cancer is ruled by the moon. Cancer's are very emotional, nurturing, maternal, etc. Your moon is in Aries, so you take on the characteristics of an Aries when you emote. If you're really interested, I would recommend reading up on the signs that are goverened by the inner planets I mention below.

Here's a short description of the inner planet's meaning:

Sun=zodiac sun sign.
Moon=how we emote (Cancer).
Mercury=how we communicate (Gemini and Virgo).
Mars=how we fight (Aries and Scorpio).
Venus-how we love (Taurus and Libra)

For you: Sun (Aries), Mercury (Aries), Venus (Aries), Mars (Virgo)and Moon (Aries). Suffice to say, you have a lot of Aries in your chart, Marina.

For your Aries lover:
Sun (Aries), Mercury (Pisces), Venus (Pisces), Mars (Aquarius), Moon (Aries).

You both share sun/moon combination which probably keeps you coming (no pun) back for more. Just looking at this chart, I would suspect there's conflict in other areas. Hey, don't all relationships have some conflict threads? That keeps things interesting, right? Of course, only you can determine what's best for Marina.

This was fun. I feel I've learned more about you. My moon lies in feisty, Aries too. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Good morning! Thanks Neve & Roxanne, that's all so interesting.

I didn't know about the other signs.

I've never been with my same sign....Leo/Leo might be more crazy than even I could stand though :)

Kirsten Monroe said...

One of the things I loved about Roxanne's character in "Sex through the Zodiac" is how playful she is....and being there with her while she's "sizing up" each sign, from Scott the sweet Cancer to the Gemini Twins.

I don't know much about astrology, but I've always liked my fire sign and felt like it fit me. In fact, when I was a kid in the 70's my Mom made me an enormous macrame (anybody remember macrame??)lion that hung on the wall above my bed.

As for my favorite sexy signs....hmmm....thinking...there does seem to be a pattern here. Geminis, Aries & Scorpios seem to be my favorites.

OK Roxanne, August 7, 1968 -- what's the scoop? Is there a perfect astrological match?

Neve Black said...

Hi Kirsten!
You're truly very, very Leo, Miss Firey, dancing pants!I remember how much the full moon that was rising in Leo affected you last month. I can see why. You're almost all proud Lioness! Here's your inner planet chart based upon your birthdate:

Sun=Leo (the sun governs Leo)
Mercury=Leo (Gemini and Virgo)
Venus=Leo (Taurus and Libra)
Mars=Leo (Aries and Scorpio)
Moon=Scorpio (Cancer)

It's no surprise to me that you feel most comfortable with Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra), because Fire fans Air. Isn't Mr. Monroe a Libra? You're probably very comfortable with other Fire signs too (Aries and Sag). The kindred spirit connection you feel with those weird, water Scorpio sun signs has a lot to do with your moon placement.

If you want to learn more about what this all means, I would say read up a little on the characteristics of the signs that are ruled by your inner planets mentioned above.

Thank you for sharing and hosting both Roxanne and me today. As you know, we're both weird Scorpios with our moon's on Aries. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks Neve!!

I guess that explains why I like to play dress-up AND run around naked, eh? Mr. Monroe is a fuzzy scorpio/libra. LOL -- I was trying to remember old flames' birthdays, but could only recall a few.

So what's next for you and Roxanne -- more readings planned? When are you heading west to do a reading in Portland?

Marina said...

Hi Neve - thanks so much for all of the info! That was really neat - actually very accurate, as there seems to be quite a bit of passion and quite a bit of conflict in this relationship! Hmm, we'll see how it goes....

I'm enjoying Roxanne's adventures - just downloaded the book last week and have been reading one section a day for the last few days. Congratulations!

Donna said...

This is fascinating! First--lovely photo of you, Neve and your nebula. If I didn't think each sign of the zodiac had its special characteristics, your book convinced me :-). I've always had a secret belief in the powers of the stars, of something beyond our earthbound existence. Even though I'm an earth sign, lol.

Okay, I can NOT pass up this opportunity. What about a couple with these birthdays: October 5, 1960 and December 31, 1961. Now I thought I'd read we have complementary moon signs back when we were engaged, but maybe I was fudging things to reassure myself. We have been together 24 years so we've worked out any potential air/earth confict...for the most part, lol.

What's Roxanne's analysis?

Erobintica said...

Kirsten, I thought I'd posted a comment, but it doesn't seem to be here. Guess blogger is being hungry today - I will try to figure out what I wrote (it was hours ago).

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Robin! Darn blogger anyway! I didn't see anything from you pop up -- must have been gobbled up right away.

Please come back to the star party!

Neve Black said...

Hi Kirsten,
Oooh, so Mr. Monroe's a Libra/Scorpio cusp, eh? That's very interesting after looking at your chart. Hmmm...I can see the Libra perpetually trying to balance out the sexual and emotional Scorpio, and then along comes you, quadruple Fire and starts the flames burning! Wow! It must be something to see the two of you together.

Damn! There's my reference for a getaway weekend somewhere with all my blog pals and their other halfs.

I was planning to read from my book at my friend's gallery in the burbs, but that's was canceled. I have been invited to attend book club readings - that should be interesting. I imagine a group of women that think they're sexually conservative. Just wait till Roxanne and I get hold of them for an evening. :-)

Neve Black said...

Hi Marina!
Isn't one of the best things about conflict, making up afterward? :-)

Thank you so much for purchasing the book. It's really inexpensive and it's a fun romp. I think Aries was the first sign she boinked. You'll have to let me know if Roxanne's Aries adventure rings true for you. :-)

Erobintica said...

Well, I'm not going to try and recreate it. Does Roxanne need the date and year or can I just say I'm a Capricorn with a Libra moon? Mr.E is a Leo - don't know his moon sign.

Kirsten Monroe said...

I like to make up first.....takes away the need for much arguing...and then you can always make up again later.

One of these days we really all do need to meet up someplace for a writerly gathering.

Does Roxanne have another adventure in her future???

Neve Black said...

Hi, Capricorn Donna,
First of all, thank you for the compliment. I'm soooo close to getting my new website/blog up and I've recently had some picture taken professionally. The photographer, Steve does a nice job of making common, dorky people, like me look less dorky.

Your chart:

You have as much earth as Kirsten has Fire. That's so interesting. No one could ever say that you aren't a true sexy, goat!

Mr.DGS's chart:

Your Libran, Air lover has a lot of water in his chart, and a double dose of Scorpio. I tend to get involved with earth signs that have lots of water in their charts, so I get the connection.

If your relationship has lasted for nearly a quarter of a century, the two of you are doing something right.

It can't hurt any relationship when you share a pillow with an erotic writer though, can it. :-)

Thank you for sharing. This has really been fun and insightful for me and Roxanne!

Neve Black said...

Hi Robin,
Yes, please come back and play. All I need are dates of birth. :-0

Neve Black said...

I boo-boo'd on your chart. Everything is correct, except your moon is in Aquarius, not Scorpio.

Keep in mind, your outer planets may have Scorpio in them, thus your connection. I'm a Scorpio and I adore you, so there ya' go! Isn't your friend, BAK also a Scorp?

Neve Black said...

Hi again Kirsten,
When I originally wrote the ending to this Zodiac journey, Roxanne didn't end up with one sign - instead she realized she'd missed all the cusp signs! I wrote it as a potential for a sequel. Ravenous has invited me to do that, and I probably will spin a sequel at some point, but for now, I'm buried in other projects.

Heavy sigh. Wouldn't it be nice if there were more than one of us to do all the things we wanted to do?

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi again Neve,

Hmmm....Moon in Aquarius. That sounds very sexy. Yes, BAK is a Scorpio -- mind sharing your birthdate & year BAK -- so Roxanne can help you out with your heavenly bodies? The Leo & Scorpio seem have the erotica collaboration down for sure! -- Crazy Miss Daisy James just sent in two more pieces for publication :) Fun!!!

Thanks for sharing all of your amazing knowledge Neve -- it's fascinating stuff!

Erobintica said...

January 12, 1958 and August 13, 1956 (me & mr respectively)

yeah, I'm old :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Silly Robin! "Old" is a state of mind. The way you write, you've obviously been dipping into the fountain of youth. Anyway, the stars are ancient -- and just look how they sparkle!

BadAssKona said...

11.11.54 Arachnid, here. I feel the moon when it's pulling me toward another margarita. Otherwise, I have no idea what the moon and stars and planets do to me. Generally speaking, I just run around naked all the time, and howl when I feel like it. I find this all quite interesting, however. I may have to get this book, so I can learn about all the wonderful urges I have that are beyond my control.

Neve Black said...

Hi Robin,
You're so cute. You're not old, silly. Please forgive me, I somehow missed your Capricorn with Libra post question. I didn't mean to be so pushy asking for your DOB.

Also, I second the stars sparkling comment Kirsten said. So true.

Okay, so here we go Ms. Erobintica (such a great, clever spin on your name, btw).

Your chart:

So you have double Fire (Sag) and double Air (Aqu & Libr) in your chart, Robin. There's some nice balancing going on there.

Mr.Erobintica's chart:

Your lover's chart represents all four of the elements, so I can't help but wonder if your stead-fast Capricorn ways finds his behavior often a mystery. I would think that's beautiful mystery to uncover though. You notice that both share moon's in Libra, which binds you emotionally.

I hope you found this interesting and useful. It's been fun for me and Roxanne.

Neve Black said...

Running around naked and drawn to the punch bowl filled with tequila are words spoken from a true Scorpio.


You're a rare mix of air and water, by fellow Scorpion friend. Do you find yourself drawn to cerebral air signs, but they find you to be too intense for their non-commital and social butterfly-like behavior?

Donna said...

Thank you, Roxanne/Neve. No wonder I so relate to the zodiac. I'm so Capricorn it's ridiculous. But yes, I suppose past performance is as good a prediction for the future as the stars!

Donna said...

Oh, and thank you, Kirsten, for hosting this lovely celebration of Sex Through the Zodiac. I'm learning a lot :-).

Erobintica said...

Very interesting. Sorry to be so cranky about the DOB thing - usually it wouldn't bother me - I kinda like that I don't "act my age" - just today with this cold I have and the snow I'm feeling it more than usual.

I'm curious about your four elements comment with Mr. E's chart - if you mean that I can't figure him out - well, you've got that right, haha.

Neve Black said...

Yes, I'm chiming in with Donna. Thank you Kirsten for hosting such a fun party. I've learned so much about everyone too.

Neve Black said...

Hi Robin,
Please no worries. It did suddenly snap back into freezing cold again, didn't it? Brrrr.

When a person has all four of the elements in their chart, it just makes them more complex, but interesting. I would wager he has a broad perspective on things and I wouldn't be surprised if he changes his mind often. It's all good. :-)

BadAssKona said...

Yeah, Neve, sometimes me and the cerebrum just can't seem to get along....

Jeremy Edwards said...

So much fun happening here, Kirsten and Neve! I'm away from home w/ limited computer time, so I've just taken a taste for now. (I love the portrait!)

Emerald said...

Gosh, it seems I would have been much better equipped to answer those questions about patterns if I had paid attention to my former sexual partners' signs. Since I rarely thought about it, I know very few of them....

This has been indeed an informative discussion! Kirsten, I love your comment about age and the stars. How lovely.

Neve, I think I have found very picture I have seen of you just beautiful. :) Current one no exception!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hello again -- Neve, thanks so much! You're the best! Wow -- so much great information.

I'll be putting the names into my silk stocking soon.

I hope all of you East Coasters out there are staying warm. I won't even tell you what our weather here was like today. It sucked the Siberian chill right out of me.

BAK -- may your punchbowl always be full!

Robin -- get well!

Donna -- woo-hoo!

Hi Jeremy -- you're somewhere warm and sunny, yes? On a big boat? Doing the hula?

Thanks again to everyone for stopping by. Love you all!

Emerald said...

Sorry, "every" picture, not "very"!

Also, speaking of pictures, I love the one at the top of your blog, KM!!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Emerald! Just missed you. Yes --isn't Neve just gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see your new website missy! I love the little smile under the hat brim. So sweet!

Neve Black said...

Hi everyone!
Thank you again for stopping by and getting involved. A Menage a Many is always a great time, eh? Maybe Roxanne and I should start conducting a Zodiac Q/A session on a quarterly basis? Hmmmm....

As far as the pictures you've seen of me poppping up here and there - like a good, strong, healthy sex drive, a great photographer is also much appreciated! I should also post pictures of me tripping over my feet and words, which happen quite often, I'm afraid.

If anyone would like more information on the talented, Steve Mastrioanni, he's now part of my blog roll.

Thank you again, Kirsten! Luv you, chica. :-)