Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ticket to ride

"Now ask yourself: is that all you would want to do with the rest of your life? Or if the fond wishes of transhumanism are realized and you become effectively immortal, is that all you would want to do for the next thousand years? The next million? Wouldn’t there come a point at which you would get bored? Feel a lack of achievement? Wouldn’t your life be much better — even in purely hedonic terms — if you could be surprised by things at some point? Get outside your lair and meet something or someone that wasn’t a catgirl? There will always come a point for the sort of beings that we are at which something new will be needed in our lives. That’s one reason why I urge people who can to get busy in the arts and create new erotica."

I recently splurged and bought a ticket for Burning Man this summer in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The 2009 theme is Evolution, A Tangled Bank:

"Now adrift in our own gene pool, we have encountered a new phase of evolution. We've become a conscious breed of culture-bearing animals. Black Rock City is a kind of Petri dish, and Burning Man is an experiment in generating culture. We've learned that culture's a spontaneous phenomenon. It thrives as a result of numberless and unplanned interactions. All that's really needed is a fitting social vessel to sustain it. This happens best within communities that harbor many different modes of self-expression. We've also learned that cultures effloresce when human beings feel free to offer up their gifts."

Ahhh -- cultures effloresce, isn't that delicious!
.....time to get outside, create something new, offer up gifts, and make myself a really cool bicycle for racing across the playa.


BadAssKona said...

With pink streamers and a leopard-skin seat.....

Jeremy Edwards said...

And a paper box kite tied to the fingers of your right hand!

Erobintica said...

Oh Kirsten! I'm so jealous. Every year I attend vicariously. The art created for this always floors me. I know a lot of folks think it's just a big sex and drug orgy - but they don't get it. And I read stuff that disses it because it's changed from when "they" went - but it's evolving like everything else. Oh, I do hope you will blog your little heart out about it!

I'm sure you'll create an awesome ride.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hey BAK -- yes! And a horn and maybe some panties woven through the spokes and a basket for treasures.

Jeremy -- wheeee! I'm so glad you remember Billy!

Hi Robin -- I've heard all kinds of opinions both ways, but BadAssKona has been three times and he tells me it's an amazing experience. I think it's probably a matter of expectation and attitude. If it had become the "Pepsi Burning Man" I would definitely feel different about it, but as you say, I think it's just evolving. Isn't it intereting how we think of things as being more radical if we happen to get in on them before the masses? It's kind of the opposite effect of art not being considered worthwhile if it doesn't make money. If art becomes hugely popular, it's thought of as a sell-out. Can't win. I'm just going to take it all in!