Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simple gifts

When you tell me the wind turns you on and that you're in love with trees and stones and that you think language is sexy and the human body is meant to be played with and worshipped and that words just pour out of you and you don't know why, and you believe with all of your might that the world is not made of molecules, but stories, I don't think you're odd, I love you all the more. When you tell me that you put secret ingredients in your recipes and wear fishnets to poetry readings and look for tickleholes and believe in wormholes, and when you use words like hillock and chuffed and find erotic messages on the lids of pickle jars, I don't think you're weird, I want to eat you up! It's so nice to know all of you wonderful, sensual people are out there -- knowing you exist is such a gift.

I wish I could create a sensual blog that includes all the five senses. I took a walk in a wildlife refuge yesterday and thought of all you happy, horny, sensualists out there as I listened to the wind rustling through these lovely prayer flag grasses, felt the mud ooze between my toes, smelled the salt of the earth, fondled the ferns growing in the crotches of thick oak branches, watched the bald eagle fly low above the lake, and tasted the sun and love in the erotic glossy layer of olive oil on my lips.


Emerald said...

How simply beautiful. Reading this post actually felt calming to me. Have I mentioned lately how much I love ferns? I see them as such a gorgeous creation.

Lovely fun cooking picture at the top today, too.


Emerald said...

"I wish I could create a sensual blog that includes all the five senses."

I forgot to mention -- I think you have created this blog.

BadAssKona said...

That looks like the makings for banana bread, although one or two crucial ingredients seem to be missing... :-) Such poetry from you! Mud between your toes...ahhhh....such incredible sensuality. It leaks from your every pore. Beautiful!

Erobintica said...

Oh - I just read the tickleholes story last night! :-)

It IS wonderful to know all of you are out there (you included Kirsten with the lovely pictures).

A five senses blog - I'm dreaming already.

EllaRegina said...

Emerald said...

"I wish I could create a sensual blog that includes all the five senses."

I forgot to mention -- I think you have created this blog.

Emerald's right.

What a lush life you paint with your words. Every post says Eat Me, like A. in Wonderland's little notes:

Soon her eye fell on a little glass box that was lying under the table: she opened it, and found in it a very small cake, on which the words 'EAT ME' were beautifully marked in currants. 'Well, I'll eat it,' said Alice, 'and if it makes me grow larger, I can reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller, I can creep under the door; so either way I'll get into the garden, and I don't care which happens!'

Craig Sorensen said...

I have to chime in with Emerald and EllaRegina.

You do have a five senses blog.

Just keep it up.

Lovely post, as usual.

verification word: seryp

Want a little maple seryp on your blog pancakes?

Erobintica said...

sometime we should all make the same (easy to make) food item and eat it all at the same time

Jeremy Edwards said...

Yes, yes! You are all five senses, all four seasons (but not Franki Valli), all three dimensions (plus extra ones) ... 31 flavors, 57 varieties, 101 dalmatians, and a 1,001 nights! Thank you for being all this and more, KM.

(And thanks for tickling my storybone up there!)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Emerald,
You're a friend of the ferns too! Wow! My favorite is the maidenhair fern with those beautiful licorice black veins.

I really do wish the warm wind would through your screen and blow your hair (though maybe you just fixed it and that would be bad) and you could hear the geese honking...but I'm happy you all feel like you're getting your share of sensations!!!

Thanks BAK! It's true, there are some ingredients missing, but only from the picture because that makes it more fun to say, "guess the secret ingredient!"

Hi Robin -- isn't Jeremy's tickle holes story the best! I'm sure glad you made your way here too. It's always nice to have another wind & tree lover.

Hi EllaRegona!!! Thank you, thank you for that wonderful quote! I found a shirt I might have to get:

Thanks Craig -- I'd love some seryp, as long as it's made from the sap of a really sexy tree!

Hi again Robin -- that would be fun -- and all of our descriptions of how the food is prepared and um, enjoyed could be mind-blowing!!

Hello Jeremy! Goodness -- 1001 Nights even! Whew. Thank *you* for being part of all the excitement!

You all totally made my day! Thank you!

EllaRegina said...

Oh, yeah! Get the shirt. For sure.

And, it's organic so, like, maybe you can even eat it eventually, with...seryp!!


Nikki Magennis said...

Beeautiful pictures, K! Thank you.