Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He made the music anyway

"When Jerry Lee was starting out, people would tell him that he was making the Devil's Music. Jerry Lee, being raised religiously, really believed it. He was putting his soul on the line. He really thought he was going to hell for the music he was making. He made it anyway....The guy is a maniac but that's what rock and roll was supposed to be about, right? Crazy folks and the music that made them that way. He's the real thing and at this point we can all kiss his ass if we don't like it. Rock and Roll will never die."
--Henry Rollins on Jerry Lee Lewis, Black Coffee Blues Pt. 2


I know, this is a completely random post, but what the hell. White birch love, poetry and rock & roll. What can I say? Some days are just like that.

Shakespeare's Fool

Light and shadow
rocky ledge
undersides of windblown pine


eyes wide open
snow moon is hunger moon is
crying moon


Blue light pools
at bare feet
no path to follow
only light
on rock
rock on skin
skin on skipping


A dream of fullness
a jangle
of bells,
a whisper from
the woman in the moon
that to revel
in mischief
is to never
go hungry


Jeremy Edwards said...

revel in mischief

I'm so glad you do!

Erobintica said...

but it's a lovely random post ;-)

BadAssKona said...

...snow moon is hunger moon is crying moon...

I know.....