Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Girls are like truffles

Isn't the movement and freedom and delight present in this cover fantastic! I am absolutely orgasmacited to have a story in Girl Crazy edited by Sacchi Green. It is scheduled to be out in Spring 2009 and when it is released, you are all invited to my shed for a wild & crazy garden party because it's the first actual book I've ever had a piece in. We will dance around the Maypole with flowers in our hair and eat and drink 'till bursting. Thank you to Sacchi for accepting this piece and Cleis Press for concurring and to Jeremy Edwards for encouraging me to submit this story at the very beginning. Thanks also to my good friend Sam for saying, "Hell yeah" when I shyly showed it to him even before the ink had dried.

Cover Tease: Girl crazy. It’s that surge of longing that floods body and soul, that mad rush of pleasure and pain, from tentative self-discovery to the first thrill of girl-on-girl play to deep explorations of the fiercer shores of sex. In this collection, Catherine Lundoff, D. L. King, Cheyenne Blue, Kristina Wright, Jean Roberta, and 15 other writers offer up no-holds-barred, all-holds-hot tales of the highs and lows and kinky twists of first times. Coeds acting out for Girls Gone Wild get even wilder once the cameraman goes home. A lonely businesswoman discovers how far and hard her young chauffeur can drive her. Butch buddies find secret desires racing out of control. A summer job building trails sparks trailblazing into all-new territory. These and a wide range of other irresistible stories envelop the reader in that delicious feeling known as girl crazy.
Following is a brief excerpt from my contribution to this uber cool collection:

Road Trip
An excerpt
by KM

Millie raised her arms in the air and howled like a wolf. 

“Shhhh! Who knows who might come driving along here. You’re so out of control.” 

She pulled off my t-shirt and signaled me to follow her to a cedar tree with low, thick branches. She grinned like a little girl and scaled up a few levels, settling herself on a thick branch that made her look like she was straddling a giant bark-covered cock.  

“Damn Millie, you are like a fucking forest nymph-o,” I said. I followed her up to the dick branch and situated myself behind her, cedar boughs grazing my back. The sweet smell of that oxygen-exhaling tree’s breath swirled around us as we parted legs across its bark. My breasts pressed against Millie’s long hair and her smooth, strong shoulder blades as I steadied myself against her. 

“Touch me Bryn, come on. This living, breathing tree loves me. You know you want to love me too.”  

I pulled her hair to one side, wrapped my arms around her waist and tentatively kissed her shoulder. Her skin radiated lust. She reached back and ran her hands down my thighs, tilted her head back and inhaled deeply. 

“Good girl. Now touch me here.” 

Millie unzipped her jeans and took my hand, guiding it down the front of her jeans to her cunt, already swollen and wet. I could feel the heat rippling across her skin. 

“And here.” 



Girls are like truffles with their sweet, melt-in-your fingers goodness. Some dusted in cocoa powder, others dipped in sprinkles, still more coated with gleaming gold leaf, but each with tantalizing, tongue-jolting centers that take your breath away and carry you to faraway places on a cloud of endorphins and pleasure.

I'm sorry to see it go as it has been such a wonderful treasure of an experience, but alas tomorrow is the final course of the Sensual Feast with Nikki Magennis and her Very Intense Truffle Course. Thank you to all of the amazing kitchen Gods & Goddesses who participated, and especially Donna George Storey for making this incredible, universe-expanding adventure possible and inviting me to team up with her. She was the mastermind behind it all and, if I may be so brazen as to say, quite a truffle of a girl herself! 


Emerald said...

Congratulations KM!!!

Thank you and Donna so much for organizing the Progressive Blog Dinner. I hardly know how to say how much I have enjoyed it, really. I really appreciate having gotten to participate as a host.

Congrats again on your very exciting news!!

BadAssKona said...

You are fucking brilliant!!

Craig Sorensen said...

Absolutely freaking awesome! Your excerpt is tantalizing.

That first print antho is a wonderful feeling, that first time.

But every time you get one of those little packages, it's a joy.

My prediction is that you'll be seeing more of them in the future.

I'm proud of you.

Erobintica said...

Congrats Kirsten!

Oooo - and tree sex! I just got an idea how to turn a poem I have struggled with for years into a story. (Um, I have a thing for trees - is that allowed? hehehe)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks everyone! I am so overjoyed that the blog dinner has gone off (almost said gotten off)so well. It's been a highlight for sure of this erotica adventure.

Thanks BAK -- you're FB yourself!

Thank you Craig! I am definitely looking forward to that little package!!!

Robin - you have a thing for trees? Oh goodness grief! We must be soul sluts or something. I think trees are incredibly sexy. Rocks too.

Erobintica said...

OMG - don't get me started on rocks! I will have to post a picture of my concretion one of these days. (little secret - I have a degree in Geology)

soul sluts

I love it!

EllaRegina said...

Another tree girl here.

Congratulations, Kirsten!

I agree with Craig -- it will be the first of many!

Yay for you!

Alana said...


Great feeling, isn't it?



Shanna Germain said...

Go, go, go, girl!

I'm so fucking proud of you! This rocks. I see bright bright bright and of course, sexy things in your future.

You are one of the most talented writers I know. It's about time you were rewarded for it! :)

Love, s.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh, I just know that book is going to be orgasmarifically great, and I'm so orgasmacited about your print debut that I'm swinging from branch to branch! You are a one-woman wonderland of inimitably ecstatic literary magic, and "Road Trip" makes me feel like a tingling tree swaying and bobbing in a wild but friendly wind, with sap running through my veins and warm raindrop kisses on my cheeks.

Here's to you!!!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi There and thanks so much everyone!

Robin -- you're a geologist? Be still my beating uh, yes, be still my beating everything. That is so cool!

You too EllaRegina! Wow! Hip-hooray for tree girls!

Alana -- it is a good feeling. It's true excitement of the purest kind.

Jeremy, so glad my story makes you all sappy and syrupy. Thank you for being there when I posted it on the blog and saying wait, wait, here's a real home for it! I learned a big lesson on that one!

Neve Black said...

I'm so remiss to send you a giant, sloppy kissy CONGRATULATIONS on this fantastic news!