Friday, February 20, 2009

For real?

BIG TOOLS: Scientists have discovered that when men are about to use any kind of powerful machinery, they get turned on in the same part of the brain that becomes activated when they look at saucy pictures of women. During a study, academics observed men looking at photos of scantily-clad laydeez and noticed activity in the cerebral matter that also gets excited about really big tools. The findings follow a similar study conducted last year, indicating that one in three guys prefer using gadgets and power tools to having sex.

--Scarlet Magazine

For the record, I do not like chocolate better than sex, but I do get excited looking at big tools. Hmmm.

Here's some powerful machinery for you boyz out there


Jeremy Edwards said...

I am definitely the odd man out. The only response my brain makes to heavy machinery is in the noise-aversion department.

I do like me some "domestic joinery," though.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Jeremy,

That's actually a relief. Score for Jeremy! Seriously, how could one-in-three men like power tools better than sex? I choose to disregard that statistic. Nooooooooo!

Erobintica said...

I will have to ask my hubby about that one in three study - I vaguely remember him mentioning that (his work involves tools, large and small, at least peripherally). I'll have to send him a link to that video and see if he remembers the one that he showed me awhile ago - pretty funny.

I don't think they asked any women if they liked power tools better than sex - hahahaha - with their power tool loving guys.

Donna said...

It's funny I think "one in three" applies to all areas of human endeavor. One in three Americans are Republicans for example. One in three women almost never come during sex. One in three almost always do.

Replace power tools with the latest computerized thingie and I know my men will get excited. But I don't think it trumps that most basic power tool performance itself!

Thanks for this Friday food for thought!

BadAssKona said...

Nice tools!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hey Robin,
Report back to us on that!

Donna, you're right -- I googled one-in-three and all kinds of crazy stuff up, including one-in-three watch porn at the office.

Hi BAK -- what's your favorite? That dual action saw is pretty sweet :) Bad for the ears though, eh Jeremy?

Neve Black said...

Wow. Those are some glaring stats ya' got there, little missy.

Interesting. I think my OCD just kicked in and now I'll wondering about what tool my lover is thinking during sex. I'm shaking my head.

spam word: crish. My lover has a crush on crish, the tool. :-)

Craig Sorensen said...

I've got to chime in with Jeremy.

I'm adept (but not a master) with power tools. I have a router, circular saw, drill, jigsaw, several type of sanders and etc. And yes, Jeremy, I also have ear protection (from the makers of Trojans...)

All those tools are, but they don't do anything for me.

Show a video of a nice set of Bubinga wood drums or a Gibson ES-339 guitar, and you'll have my attention. ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

The quote should be "all those tools are nice, but they don't do anything for me."

The Lowenbrau is going down especially smooth tonight.

Erobintica said...

here's the link to the commercial I was talking about

Gorilla Gripper

he doesn't remember the study though.