Saturday, February 7, 2009

Early one Saturday morning....

I arrived just past sunrise. 

The goddess tree greeted me, legs spread, arms outstretched.

Damp earth warming to dawn's touch smelled like skin.

Smoky clouds of vapor and magic swirled atop ridges.

Spore-dotted ferns dripped with dew.

Stones glazed metallic directed my gaze downward.

When I looked up again, I was free-falling off the cliff's edge, spinning in a waterfall, dancing in the sunshine, and laughing in the shimmering center of a rainbow. 

Pure. Joy.

Photos KM 2009


EllaRegina said...

Wow! That goddess tree is amazing!

Wherever you live is truly beautiful. There seems to be a relationship -- a parallel -- between where you are situated and your work; the other-worldliness of the colors and textures you present in photographs capturing your surroundings as well as in your writing.

Are you drawn to live where you do because it complements and feeds the richness of your creative expression?

Anyway, it looks like you're in the right place -- somewhere that inspires, confirms and reflects the writer you are.

Emerald said...

"laughing in the shimmering center of a rainbow"

I loved this whole thing, but that line really got me -- almost took my breath away.

Striking pictures! The one of the rock also almost took my breath away when I got to it.

Beautiful post. Thank you. :)

Craig Sorensen said...

This was magnificent.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful early Saturday.

BadAssKona said...

Pure ecstatic visual poetry. You are amazing!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Every word and image is still gorgeous on Sunday!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Good morning! Thank you for checking out my "remembering!"

Hi EllaRegina,

I grew up in this area, so I must have just gotten luck, though I have to say that I get just as excited about surroundings when I am traveling. I do love it here and the amazing bursting of life all around definitely feeds my spirit!

Thanks Emerald -- the rainbow. I'm always on the lookout for rainbows!

Hi Craig & BAK -- thanks for stopping by. It was a rare warm winter day and it definitely gave my spirit a huge boost!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Jeremy,

Awwww! Thanks!

Donna said...

Yes, it's still gorgeous early on Sunday. It's kind of hard to "comment" when my jaw, both figurative and literal, is gaping in wonderment. Thank you for this multi-media gem....Is there food that goes along with it ;-)?

Neve Black said...

Yes, chiming in here on Sunday too. Imagery. Of. Words. Are. Gorgeous. Thank. You.

Erobintica said...

I'm just getting to this - but, oh, just lovely. Made me tingle. Thanks.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hello visitors!!!!

I'm so glad you feel a little bit of what I felt! That's so great!

Donna, I am so excited that you asked about food because actually, there is. I was grocery shopping early this morning, all wound up with spring fever when I spotted the perfect rainbow recipe ingredients. I've never even tried it before, but I fell head over heels for these delicious looking baby bok choy and fresh oyster mushrooms. I'm going to saute them in some new incredibly fruity, sweet "boutique" olive oil from Santa Cruz, California and flavor it with some lemon grass and ginger paste and garlic -- served with a big scoop of brown rice. What do you think?

Erobintica said...

oh, and forgot to add - I love the photo with your blog title.

Emerald said...

"I'm always on the lookout for rainbows!"

I feel flattered that it was the description of my mermaid fin in "How the Mango Became Sweet and Juicy." :)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Robin, thanks! I really love that delicious photo too. Sigh.

Emerald! I know we've never met, but I definitely think of you as a rainbow person!

That waterfall (it's called sprinkly falls because it comes down like a shower) was so icy cold, but there really was a rainbow right in the center. I can't wait to check out on a hot, hot day!