Saturday, January 17, 2009

Speaking of ruffles.....

I wasn't totally joking years ago when I told my husband that married people should keep their own apartments. I still miss the little studio I had in the middle of the city when I graduated from college. On warm spring days I could hear the national anthem at the baseball stadium nearby. My guy would pick me up on the motorcycle and we'd zoom off to a lazy cafe breakfast.I slept on a foam mat that I pulled out of the closet. In that tiny little kitchen I taught myself how to make enchilada sauce with whole soaked peppers. Only I forgot to put the lid on the blender. And then I couldn't reach the ceiling to get the sauce off of it before my hot date. 

For whatever reason, I need my own space.

So a few years ago the man built me a cedar shed. It locks from the inside. He flipped it around so that the porch became a little deck facing the woods. It has tiny windows and window boxes. It is surrounded by raised beds filled with herbs. It's miniature -- just 12X12 feet. And it's perfect. We camped in it a few times. The kids were really young. One of them peed the cot. We got claustrophobic. I'm sure the neighbors wondered just what kind of crazies lived next door when we filed out of there in the morning with bed head. Oh, they have no idea.

That little space is where I go to think. And write. I don't really type on a typewriter, but I have an old antique in there because I like to think of my thoughts that way -- as ink-glazed metal pounding on thick white paper. That's my fuckwriter. The curtains are tied with sage and lavender. If my hopes and dreams had a smell, they would smell like cedar. 

Alana posted a photo her writing space and invited others to do the same, thus this post. I LOVE the Marilyn Monroe print Alana! It's fun to see where other writers work. I don't only write in the shed though. It's just the best place I've found so far. Sometimes I write in the basement between the washing machine and the ironing board. I've been caught behind the hanging clothes in the closet, hiding with a notebook. I've attempted to scribble thoughts while leaning out of the bathtub. I bought a waterproof notebook once, but it smeared. I write in coffee shops and on light rail and city buses when I travel. Wherever, whenever.

I don't usually have bottles of booze lined up on the shed window shelf, but tonight will be special. It's the first annual winter solstice shed star party. Girls only. No stinky boys allowed. (Sorry Mr. BadAssKona, we don't need a waiter.....this time). Sorry to you too, Sam, we will be grilling our own steaks, thanks very much. You're so naughty. 

When we tried to arrange the shed shindig in December for the actual solstice the girls couldn't get here due to a snowstorm, so we're throwing a party tonight. I can't wait to try the Redrum. 

About those ruffles, and I'm not exactly talking about panties (see previous post). The man asked me this morning if we have any onions. Nope I said, why? "Oh, just because I thought you and the girls might like some of my famous clam dip." Oh. My. F-ing goodness. I snorted coffee through my nose and had to spit in the sink. He just stared at me, quite like the dog, who was also staring at me. "What?"

"We'd love some of your clam dip darling," I said, thinking, 'Oh my fuckness, the man just cross-dressed!' 

"Sounds yummy!" I said, still hacking on coffee down the wrong pipe. "I'll pick up an onion and a bag of Ruffles at the store."

Yes I will.

Party on!


Craig Sorensen said...

What a wonderful space! My little corner of the dining room seems lame by comparison.

But I'll have you know, I am not a stinky boy. I smell rather nice, thank you very much.

So, can I come along for some cross-dressing clam dip?

BadAssKona said...

OK...I'll put my apron away!!

Erobintica said...

Seeing those pictures makes me pine away for my not-yet-realized dream writing cabin in the woods which hopefully will begin to become reality next year.

Yeah, my corner of the bedroom or end of the living room (where I'm at now) isn't quite as ... retreaty as I'd like (yeah, I know it's not a word).

Methinks the boys are a wee bit jealous. ;-)

Hmm. Cross-dressing clams would be a good name for a rock band (to steal a Dave Barryism).

If you put away your apron BAK, what's left?

Erobintica said...

oops - this year - this year - it's already this year - this summer is when I start building!

Alana said...

Kirsten, I love the rustic yet cozy feel of your writing space.

I found Marilyn Monroe in a dumpster.

Craig, come one now. Show us your space.


Alana said...

Did I mention I love the story behind your writing space?

The story is awesome.


EllaRegina said...

That's a lovely room, KM.

Nikki Magennis said...

Love the shed, Kirsten! Have a fabulous solstice party too!

Craig Sorensen said...

Hey Alana,

I may just post a picture of my space, such as it is.

We're in the midst of moving things around in the house, and at the end of it I'll have my own dedicated "writer's den."

Until then, it's the corner of the dining room for me.

Neve Black said...

You know I have shed envy, don't you? I don't think I knew it was in CEDAR! Wow! The libran man gets my thumbs up of approval.

I think it's cute that the whole family had a sleep over out there too. As far as neighbors go...keep em' guessing, I say!

I agree it's imporatnt for married couples to each have their own space. In my head I have designed the perfect married couple house: The tunnel house. Someday, I'll describe in more detail.

You know we're all waiting to here about the no stinking boys party. :-)

LOL! Ruffles do have ridges!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Y'all!

The shed party was tons of fun -- can't divulge too many details....what happens in the shed....

I can say that the clam dip was divine!

Neve, do tell more about your tunnel house!

Does anyone write in a notebook? I usually scribble bits of thoughts on paper in a notebook, then when I go to the laptop the bits turn into something more.

Robin, I am sending big hopeful happy beams your way -- may your cabin in the woods come to be soon!