Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sic as ye gie, sic wull ye get!

It just so happens that my forbears on my father's side are Scotch-Irish. The great-great-great-great-granddaddy of them all fled Belfast after he got involved in some kind of rebellion, hid in a flour barrel on a ship to America, joined the Revolution, took his family west, to Ohio and Kentucky and eventually settled in Indiana with his wife and 11 children, one of whom became the Governor of Indiana. He lived to be 101! A descendant of his, my great-grandfather, raised cattle and corn and worked the coal mines of Indiana. The first time he ever saw any ocean he was visiting us in Oregon when he was over 70 years old. He looked out at the vast sea, took a deep breath and shuddered. He was completely silent for a long time. He hooked his thumbs in the suspender straps of his denim overalls and bellowed, "God damn waste of space! Imagine all the corn you could grow out there!"

Life is such a matter of perspective. Grandpa was not impressed one bit with the mighty Pacific Ocean, but I know he believed in the above Scottish phrase, which means, "You'll get as much out of life as you put into it" --  just in his own way.

I, however, am completely impressed with the support I have received from the erotica community since diving into the sea early last spring. It was scary! I didn't know what I was doing. I thought I might drown. But it's turning out to be a wonderful, fun, universe-expanding experience. It's just amazing how supportive all of you fellow writers and eroticists are and I am ever grateful.

Thanks to Nikki Magennis for the incredible opportunity to participate in her "Writing that Touches" series. I am SO appreciative and honored. 

It's amazing how connected we are to people all across the globe these days, but I do wish I could reach out and feed someone. I long to put the spoon right to your lips, watch you chew and smile and swallow and make those happy foodie noises. "Nom, nom nom, yessss, yummmm." Oh, I really wish I could. Unfortunately, the best I can do is create tastiness in your honor and tell you all about it.

So for you, Nikki, I went to this great website called "Electric Scotland" and found two recipes for last evening's supper -- 

Chicken in Apple & Whiskey Sauce and (very exciting) Thomas Jefferson's Simple Bread Pudding! (A tribute to the Scottish influence on both our man Thom and American independence). The Chicken dish was a huge hit and I love it because it's made all in one pan. No gravy boat or ladle necessary and the chicken was tender and flavored wonderfully. We devoured it with mashed potatoes and sliced fresh tomatoes. Thom's bread pudding came out light and buttery and that tasty nip of brandy gives it a good little punch.

Our Scottish dinner was perfect for a blustery, stormy winter night. We've gone from ice to deluge so fast that there is now flooding going on in the low-lying areas. I was thrilled to see during my little bit of research that there are as many expressions for wet, rain, storm, drizzle, etc. in Scotland as there are here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Again, thank you, thank you and lang may yer lum reek! 


Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, many thanks, quinie! Chicken and apple and whisky sounds lovely - I could send you some guid proper Scottish recipes! Crappit heid, perhaps? Black pudding? Skirlie?

(Mostly there are no vegetables involved in Scottish cuisine, only oats, fat, meat and salt and pepper. Plus, as you've gathered there Kirsten, lashings of booze whenever possible... )

I love the story of your rebellious granddaddy in a flour barrel!

BadAssKona said...

I really need that chair! Actually, I want to see what the female version looks like...

Erobintica said...

Hi Kirsten,

What a wonderful sight to see in the morning. ;-) Me likes a man in a kilt.
I still plan on getting my hubby a utilikilt someday. Not sure he'll ever wear it though.

And that stool is great! Hubby's a woodworker, wonder if he's seen this.

I loved your family history - we all have such amazing stories - some unfortunately never shared.

I miss the Pacific - used to live in Oregon and Northern California years and years ago. Was back there this summer. Sigh.

Went and read the interview. Very nice. I look forward to getting to know folks and their work.

Neve Black said...

You are the one that we should be thanking. You're so sweet and so talented and you're always giving, giving, giving. Thank you for being you and being my blogland friend. I hope someday we can cook together in the same kitchen. :-)

I'm headed over to Nikki's place now.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Crappit heid! That sounds so exciting. I have to go look that up! Thanks Nikki -- stormy weather and lashings of booze just make the world go round, don't they?

I like that flour barrel story too -- just the idea of sneaking onto a ship...

Hey BadAssKona, you should make one of those chairs for the ladies. I've heard you're good with your hands and the art of wood.

Erobintica -- go girlfriend! go! go! Write your heart out -- and yes, get hubby going on one of those stools.

Hi Neve, you're the sweetness -- yes, a foodie soiree in person one day would be so lovely.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Crappit heid! Stuffed head! Now....on to skirlie!