Thursday, January 22, 2009

Of prehistoric ivory and the taste of dreaming

Sailing ships and tide pools. Pale, damp skin and sweet seduction. Spice-rubbed meat and blood-red wine. A tent far, far away in the desert. Torches burning in the night. Ropes and silver clips and halyards clanging, "take me away." 

Sensations and flavors are swirling around in my mind as I'm planning the upcoming sensual dinner with the amazing Donna George Storey. Although I post recipes on this blog for ease of use, I don't actually use recipes anymore -- at least not very often, unless I'm going into completely new territory like French pastry or food preservation where precise measurement is important. Still, even with a recipe you have to be willing to adjust. So many things affect food tastes and textures. Flavor can vary according to hormones and passion or even rage and grief. Humidity makes the meringue weep. Biscuits baked in a fiery black metal stove at the top of the mountain need more liquid and less leavening. Pasta needs the human touch...or you can't feel how it will taste or whether it will satisfy. That's my humble opinion anyway.

So yesterday as I was dreaming up my meat entree, I was thinking of something to drizzle atop the woodfire grilled sacrifice -- something fruity, something exotic. Apples and pomegranates flashed into my mind. Then I wondered why. I'm always second guessing myself. What would I do without Google? (Don't ever Google "am I crazy?" the results may depress you). Up popped the most incredible, exciting thing -- a pastry made with apple pomegranate chutney on a foodie site I'd never seen before -- 
(Because cooking is more fun without them). Oh joyous day! 

And sometimes I want words to go with that feeling of joy and excitement -- not necessarily my own. Double joy -- a hot potato (damn, that thing is a manly beast, isn't it? A mantato!) and a succulent new piece of exotica at Clean Sheets, Letting Go by Julia Freeman. "This has happened countless times in my mind, but the reality of your skin is so much softer against my lips, its garden taste one I couldn't create. Your shoulder is a harp, your collar bone is prehistoric ivory. I kiss your arms and wrists, finding the missed perfection that history lost from antique statues; the rose bouquet of your breasts is a gift and in your debt my tongue forgets any language but this, the rhetoric of kiss and lick."  This exotica took my breath away....into the wind, over the waves, and off to shores unknown where cooking is always more fun without recipes.

On the horizon: Look out Mojave, here I come


Donna said...

Wow, you've gotten me all excited and juicy all over with the prose and the food porn. Love that potato pic, the perfect prop for an eroticists' blog dinner!

And I'm very impressed you don't use recipes. That's the sign of a true chef!

I'm so looking forward to your feast....

Neve Black said...

I've been preping fish and words for my piece of our 10-course culinary delight. My mouth is already watering at the thought of what meat dish (sans recipe) will be prepared in your cucina. :-)

p.s. I would not cook the mantato...too much risk of it softening. I think that special specimen should be eaten raw!

EllaRegina said...

Neve Black said...

I think that special specimen should be eaten raw!

I wouldn't eat it. Lordy, no! It calls for another use involving a different kind of "mouth."

Erobintica said...

Now, that potato deserves to be stuffed!

*heading off to look through the potato bin*

Emerald said...

I have generally not used recipes either. I tend to make things up. :) That's one reason I am practicing with my salad course -- I have to make it into some semblance of one so it can be posted in some kind of comprehensive form!

Lol @ Erobintica's "heading off to look through the potato bin"!

(P.S. Are there ten courses?? I only have nine listed on my blog...if that is erroneous I certainly want to fix it....)

Kirsten Monroe said...

You all make me laugh! I am picturing that mantato hot and bothered, stuffed and mouthed by an enormous butternut, slathered and whipped and....oh wow!

Emerald, there are 9 courses, but 10 participants as Jeremy and Helia are co-hosting! (can't wait to partake in your salad creation!).

TGIF all!

Emerald said...

"Emerald, there are 9 courses, but 10 participants"

Gotcha. It occurred to me after I wrote that that that (wow, I've been known to use two "that"s back to back, but I don't recall a threesome like that before ;) ) might be what Neve was referring to. Thanks!

All this description is almost making me wish it were a real dinner, lol! As if I haven't found your and Donna's blogs mouthwatering enough already!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Wow, Emerald, I love that "that that that"!

So I guess that's that!