Saturday, January 24, 2009

No snickering!

Just here fiddling around in my knickers, trying to keep myself busy until I can enjoy the pleasures of Craig Sorensen's Amuse Bouche (literally mouth amusers) course kick-off to the sensual feast tomorrow! I think I'll toss a picnic in the Bentley and head off on a naughty road trip through Britain, thanks to this fun article in the New York Times. 

First stop: Spanker Lane!

Is it Sunday yet? No?

Photo: Can't take me anywhere. Chainsawing limbs at the farm.
I had to save this bad boy from the burn pile!

OK,  want to know what women want? I'll tell you. Fun! But you know how those scientists are. They have to hook cocks and pussies up to sensoring machines to make sure. Gosh, they should just read our stories!  Read all about the mysterious science of female lust.

“So many cultures have quite strict codes governing female sexuality,” she said. “If that sexuality is relatively passive, then why so many rules to control it? Why is it so frightening?” There was the implication, in her words, that she might never illuminate her subject because she could not even see it, that the data she and her colleagues collect might be deceptive, might represent only the creations of culture, and that her interpretations might be leading away from underlying truth. There was the intimation that, at its core, women’s sexuality might not be passive at all. There was the chance that the long history of fear might have buried the nature of women’s lust too deeply to unearth, to view.


BadAssKona said...

I NEVER get asked to be involved in these wonderful scientific experiments... (raises hand, in the back of the room)....HOOK ME UP!! Spread the seeds, add water (or oil) and watch me grow!

Donna said...

I'll admit, I snickered.

But jeez, that guy is already at #300 on Amazon and his book isn't out yet! I guess someone is making money on sex, and it doesn't even sound sexy.

I couldn't finish the article, but I will agree I'm sexually aroused by a variety of things, just like the research found. But I agree with you--they could have figured this out from our stories, lol.

Neve Black said...

Spanker Lane! Oh boy, my OCD has kicked into over drive now, Kirsten...

I'm ready to hop a flight to GB and check this erotic itinerary out for myself. Good heaven's there are story titles everywhere: Crotch Crescant! Come on! That's awesome! Actually, I like Crotch Crossiant, better. There's more nooks and crannies for hot...butter to nestle into.

Erobintica said...

Penistone sounds painful (and not in a fun way- sorta like kidney stone). And if there's an East Breast, where is West Breast? Titty Ho!

As for that limb, I've always had a thing for suggestively shaped natural objects. I've got a box of driftwood knots around here somewhere that I've got to peruse...

Oh, and love your slideshow!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Just here fiddling around in my knickers

Viola! I've always wondered why some knickers have a bow on the front! I knew there had to be a ... resin.

Can't take me anywhere.

Pshaw. I bet there are at least one or two places you can be taken. ; ) (Adorable photo of you, btw!!)

Neve said:
Actually, I like Crotch Crossiant, better.

Perfect! The traditional cuntinental breakfast.

Erobintica said:
And if there's an East Breast, where is West Breast?

Good question. I'll put out some feelers.

EllaRegina said...

Holy Crapstone!

If there are not already tours of these hot spots there should be.

Shall we organize a company?

Next stop, Penistone!

Penistone actually sounds like some kind of sexual tuning fork.

Kirsten Monroe said...

You are all hilarious!

BAK -- I know people. I'll hook you up.

Hi Donna, the article is fascinating, from Bonobos to Burlesque!

Neve, OCD is just a different way of keeping life interesting, don't you think? What are we waiting for?

Robin, do share a knot photo....pretty please!

Jeremy, I think you have to head my way to get to West Breast. It's conveniently near the stagecoach stop!

EllaRegina, a company of snickering tours would be so fun.....all of the B&B's and hotels for our guests should have fun names as well!

EllaRegina said...

Yeah, like:

The Is It Inn.

Kirsten Monroe said...

There's always the Staindrop Lodge, only 7 miles from Penistone!!

EllaRegina said...


I'll bring my Ultra-Violet Semen Detector Light and we'll be all set.

Word: whooker

I'll say!