Thursday, January 8, 2009

My oh my

Parting is such sweet sorrow. I just kissed him goodbye, pressed my fingers to his lips, brought his face to my breast, nibbled on his ear. "Have a fabulous day my love." "You too, my sweet."

Then I picked up my thermos and my briefcase and headed off for a long day of working my fingers to the bone.....100 feet away in the shed. Sigh.

I know, we're a couple of weirdos. But it works. 

I'm delighted to at last be reading Alison Tyler's new "Never Have the Same Sex Twice" (thank you kind wonderful friend for a copy!). It's a sexy, delightful, sizzling read. I have a small mention in it (yay!) in the chapter on dirty dreams (that dream, by the way, became a story....which is in smut limbo at the moment, but hopefully not for long!).

Now, I'm not saying the man and I have this all down by any means -- gawd, we've been through the sleep deprived young parents with puking baby routine, the stressed-out due to life issues routine, the nobody understands me, give me a break routine, you name it. But on most days I wake up plotting the day's excitement and carefully choosing all of my words and actions to ensure I don't fuck it up for myself (I think I might be the husband and he might be the wife, but whatever. Love All Ways, right?). 

So with inspiration from Alison and her naughty contributors (Jeremy, Sommer, Donna, Kristina to name a few of my favorites) I spent my "day off" at home yesterday giving the place a good spit polish. I'm a terrible maid. I get distracted by details like making sure all of the plastic tubs have matching lids or going through the kids' drawers looking for holey socks. I maka me crazy! I'd much rather be writing, cooking, fucking or running (not necessarily in that order) but if the maid's job involves wearing a pearl necklace, bring it on. I'm also too much of a tomboy to wear much pink, but for some reason it makes me feel naughty when I do wear it. God, I love those pink rubber gloves. Nothing like the smell of hot rubber in the morning. Hot from scrubbing, of course.

Goodness, I better stop all of this blogging nonsense and bring home some meat candy or the nooner I have scheduled with the CEO next door will not be happening....and I really don't want to fuck it up for myself.


Please click your heels and come on over to Scotland tomorrow to Nikki's place for "Writing that Touches." I even had my hair done for the occasion.


Donna said...

You don't sound like such a bad maid--the gloves are awesome. And that habit of getting distracted? Nothing a good spanking wouldn't cure (my tip of the hat to "Spanking the Maid" which is way too long and circuitous, but the concept is timelessly spicy!)

I am really looking forward to the story that springs forth from your dirty dream about the Viennese whore. I remember those ancient buildings and those luscious tortes....

My word is "toplas"!

Neve Black said...

There's mention of the shed again! Good heaven's I love that place.

Donna does make an excellent point about getting your thoughts back in line...crack, crack, smack, and thwack!

I so remember the Viennese story posted on AT's blog. I loved that! I'm going back to NHSST and looking for your luscious dreamy story. I haven't read the book cover to cover...yet. Congratulations on that btw. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

A good spanking indeed! That'll fix me!

Neve, the whore dream mention is really just a mention - the little bit I sent to one of Alison's contests, but still exciting. :) I took the idea and wrote a full-length story from it, which hasn't been published yet.

Thanks for stopping by the shed!

Jeremy Edwards said...

An argosy of argyle ecstasy!

Janine Ashbless said...

Hi Kirsten - led here by the interview at Nikki's, i just wanted to say how much i enjoyed Mustang Sally!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Janine,

Thanks so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. That was a fun one to write -- all that tough girl talk :)