Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let 'er Buck!

Whenever someone is feeling out of sorts I say, "What's ailing you? I'll make you a cure." I have no idea what I'm talking about, of course, but I just like being helpful. Although it's silly, most often, they rattle off a whole list of symptoms, as if I'm a medical professional. And I love making things. And anything made with love and helpfulness in mind could potentially help someone feel better, right?

Sometimes a box of my "Unfortune" chocolates is the best medicine. Sometimes it's a big plate of hot homemade cinnamon rolls made with buckets of butter and cinnamon harvested by hand yesterday in the rainforest. Sometimes is a naked run through the woods.

I practically hurled myself into the fiery volcano with excitement over the opportunity to be Sommer Marsden's "sacrificial virgin" for her first Hump Day Heresy. Check it out! Take charge of your cold. Sweat. Let 'er Buck. Be free.

Thank you Sommer! 


Neve Black said...

I love it! Very creative, sexy and fun, Kirsten. :-)

Would you pretty please come and take care of me when I'm not feeling up to par?

Kirsten Monroe said...

Only if I can wear my naughty nurse outfit :)

BadAssKona said...

Yeah...I don't feel well... :-)

Neve Black said...

Hi again,
FYI - I ordered a bottle of your recommended hot sauce today. I love hot and spicy. Hmmm... I wonder if you should be receiving some of those profits?

Kirsten Monroe said...

Very funny B.A.K. You have to do what naughty nurse sez, you know!

Yay Neve -- I hope you love the sriracha! I don't want profits, just the whole world to be hot, happy & healthy :)