Monday, January 26, 2009

Drizzling, scorching, savoring

A light snow was falling as sparks flew into the night. I was "womaning" the old Weber barbecue alone, my house of boys immersed in a basketball game. It was peaceful, enjoyable. I caught whiffs of mesquite as I spread the glowing wood coals. Then I slid a tray of sliced cherry tomatoes, marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt & freshly ground pepper onto the grill, watched the flames lick at their thin skins, watched them plump in the heat, and listened to the sound of their juices releasing slowly. There is poetry in everything, everything.

At the table, the heat stayed in those tomatoes. The woodsmoke and fire fused with the delicate flesh and resulted in the most amazing flavor. A simple tomato, good enough on its own, delivered into a new dimension by the careful application of drizzling, scorching and savoring.

I'm dreaming of the desert like an obsessed person. We're planning a trip to the Mojave Desert in April. I want to go now. Why wait? Why wait indeed. I'd like you to join me there on Friday for my offering to the sensual dinner. However you can make your way, please do. By camel caravan and biplane, Orient Express or motorbike. We'll gather around the fire. I've chosen cherry wood for its sweet, fruity aroma that will add a special flavor to the meat. There is a hot spring nearby and my assistants are prepared to massage the kinks from travel-weary bodies. 

A trickle of sweet red juice slid down my wrist as I transferred the hot tomatoes to a serving plate. Without hesitation I licked it clean, synapses firing, body responding in all the right places as I realize just how good this meal would be. 

Meanwhile, I'm longing to reach out and touch someone after dining on Shanna's magic figs. Have you ever wondered how the ancient fig, not a fruit, but a flower hidden inside of itself, is pollinated? 

The weird sex lives of figs -- fascinating! 

Did I really say it's all about the pork, Shanna? I may have said something about Bacon is meat candy or proscuitto is meat butter or "I put Bacon on my Bacon".....In any case, you can frig my pork any time and I'm going back for more! Gluttony be damned! Sigh. Lick. Rub. Linger.

Artwork above:
Joshua on Fire, Deviant Art

Mojave, Deviant Art

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Neve Black said...

Why wait? I've already been waiting entirely too long for you to stop over and cook something wonderfully delicious in my kitchen. Or, better yet, the invite to dine at your grotto. Let's not wait any longer. :-))

I love, love, love your new opening photo. That woman could so be you. Adventurer via motorbike. Varoom, varoom.

Emerald said...

I really love that photo too! I'm having so much fun with the blog feast so far, KM. Thanks for being one of its co-creators! :)

Donna said...

Yes, this is a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

I'm planning to jet you guys to Kyoto, so why not stopover in the Mojave?

Erobintica said...

Okay, I "woman" the grill around here too and I love the desert (something about naked earth - it's been a few years since I've seen the Mojave). We both love Chuck Palahniuk and wield a mean chainsaw.

I cannot wait for your turn as our host!

BadAssKona said...

And, then, there's the making of good split pea soup! The razor sharp smoky smell of the boiling ham hocks, the tears of onion, the sugar of carrots. Me in my apron, ripping the fat, watching the meat fall away, ready to meet the boiling peas with my lips...

Erobintica said...

BAK, now I'm gonna have to make split pea soup!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi All,

Isn't this fun! It's the foodie adventure of my dreams!

Shanna's figs, oh my!

Robin, I can vouch for BAK's split pea soup. It's da bomb.

"Ripping the fat" -- nice!