Sunday, December 28, 2008

Party in my pants

I went to a party last spring in Boise with the Boise Hash House Harriers. We were at this great pub in the mountains called Ben's Crow's Nest Inn after a race. The Harriers call themselves "drinkers with a running problem." The men wore skirts and dresses, heels and stockings and the women were dressed up like hookers. A couple of guys came over with a pitcher to fill my half-empty cup. Party foul! Must fill. "Hi, I'm party in my pants," the guy in the plaid schoolgirl skirt and blond wig said. "This is my friend douche bag." Douche bag had his hair in pigtails and wore a hippie dress and stilettos. He lifted his dress so he could show me his garter belt. I sucked the foam from my beer and knew I'd found my people.

All of that frivolity and dressing up is so fun! Maybe that's why I love to wear aprons when I cook. It's like dressing for the part. I really need a new one.
This morning I found this amazing apron blog -- another example of obsession. Aprons of all things! But here I am mesmerized by it.

I love this yellow bird and floral apron. Cool! It's at ETSY.
Oh wow. Now I'm totally in love. The Shibuki Dragon apron from Pretty Ditty. Oh, and red vintage patent leather heels.
Toss in a Laverne wig and it's time for some cupcake porn!

No one puts cupcake in a corner!


Neve Black said...

"I sucked the foam from my beer and knew I'd found my people."

You and me both, sister!

I love fun, silly and pretty aprons too, but I don't spend nearly as much time in the kitchen as you do.

Great images, KM. I likeee all of them very, very much. :-)

Craig Sorensen said...

I'm not much of a runner, used to be quite a drinker. But I'll tell you, the Boise Hash House Harriers sound like my kind of people anyway.

Yup, I'm with Neve, I love all the images in this post, and of course the references to places near my boyhood home.

You'll have to let me know where Ben's Crows Nest Inn is in the mountains.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Let's all meet up at Ben's! It's kind of a biker bar -- we could cruise over on our Hogs :)

I actually messed up the name. It's just Ben's Crow Inn, no nest! Bad reporter!

I found it on google maps -- isn't it delightful -- scruffy little place in the hills.'s%20crow%20inn%20boise&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

Spamword -- dictio -- there's a lucky spamword for sure!

Craig Sorensen said...

Ah, I don't think I've been in Ben's but I know the area. Warm Spring Avenue. Lots of cool stuff out there.

My mother was re-married a few miles past that spot at Lucky Peak Reservoir in the summer of '04.

I see your dictio and raise you a mimpledr.

Ron said...

I guess I am famous now!! :)

"Party In My Pants" Boise Hash House Harriers

Gina Marie said...

Geez Ron, where u been?

Ron said...

I never had came across this before, then one of my friends found this today and emailed me the link!

That must have been after the Race to Robie Creek April of last year when we had a party afterwards at Bens Crow Inn.

Hashing is quite fun :)

Gina Marie said...

Yeah, Mr. Ron Party! Bens Crow! I was there with Xdog Kevin and was so, so, so fucking sad last year when the Hashers were absent from the top o' the mountain! Still, can't wait to do that crazy thing again. Fourth year in a row.