Sunday, December 21, 2008

Icy hot

My friend didn't exactly dare me to do it. 'Twas more of a suggestion. So I slipped out of my fuzzy robe, opened the balcony slider and stepped out into it, bare feet on ice, bare everything else (though I did leave my hat on) doing a polar bear dance. It was 17 degrees at the time. I leaned over the balcony rail and took a deep breath of fresh, clean air. The only sound was the wind rattling the ice trees. A clattering whoooooosh. 

It was exhilerating. Thank you friend -- for the suggestion! I didn't take a picture as proof. I documented the experience because I take photos of everything and because I wanted to be able to look later see my foot pushing through the thin layer of ice, down into the powder, down into that glittering crystalline place where simple joys are discovered.


BadAssDog said...

Ah, the pleasure of sensual pleasures...Can't wait 'til it gets dark!

Neve Black said...

Well of course. It all makes perfect sense to me - stepping into the bitter cold, wearing nothing but a hat to do the polar bear dance.

Brrrrrr....but I can feel the whoosh and the rush and your exhileration from here.

Go girl!!

Donna said...

Whoah, KM, you are a pursuer of interesting sensual experiences. Glad to have the photographic evidence, too ;-).

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks for the suggestion B.A.

A Swedish sauna would be nice -- a little add-on to the shed. Then I might be willing to do a polar bear roll.

I just read a story about cryotherapy beauty treatments in Japan where they put you in a dangerously cold chamber and flash-freeze you. It's supposed to be good for the skin and muscles.