Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hot tea, snow monkeys, and boobie cookies

I wrapped up my "day job" late this afternoon and went blog-hopping, whereupon I discovered that tomorrow is Donna George Storey's birthday!

Happy, happy birthday Donna, oh Queen of everything delicious and tasty and seductive and brilliantly and sensuously fabulous.

My birthday is in August. Childhood photos show me with a huge grin (despite having just been spanked because I got over-excited. I even got spanked before other people's birthday parties) standing next to my overheated little friends gathered around a melting cake in the back yard.

A winter birthday sounds fabulous to me -- all sparkling and cool and lit by flickering lights, not blistering hot sun rays. When I saw Donna's post about her birthday two thoughts flashed into my mind almost immediately:

1. Donna George Storey's Birthday! Must make boobie cookies!


2. Donna George Storey's Birthday! Winter in Japan! Imagine how glorious. Hot tea, outdoor cedar tubs filled with water from hot springs, snow monkeys, ice-encrusted monster trees, steaming noodles!

So I cranked out dinner for the family and set about making a batch of boobie cookies. The family thinks they are "peanut butter blossoms," but they are secretly Donna's Birthday Boobies. I made them with all butter, no shortening, organic creamy peanut butter, and cherry cordial kisses. I rolled the little dough balls in sugar and sprinkles before baking, then gently pressed a kiss into the center of each one, immediately after I took them, hot and soft and gently browned, from the oven.

Happy Birthday Donna! May the breast, er best, of everything be yours in the coming year!


Emerald said...

Oh, jeez, like the blog of Donna herself, this one has also just made me want to go eat something I generally tell myself I'm not supposed to!! Lol. You guys are such lustful food influences! :)

Neve Black said...

Boobie cookies! That's fantastic!

Spanked for being too excited, KM? No, I didn't let that little tid-bit pass by. Hmmmm...

Happy New Year, chica!!

Donna said...

Late to my own party, but THANK YOU! Those are exactly "my size," too, lol.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Donna! I'm so glad you like them! They were tasty too. Being petite little bites, one can enjoy a whole plate of 'em :)

I hope your birthday was the best ever.


Donna said...

It was actually pretty nice as they go...it was the food of course. We spent most of the day shopping for it and the rest of the day eating, lol.