Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Feathered caps, pirate pasties, and a ration of rum

Jeremy Edwards wants to go to the beach. How about a pirate ball? I'll bring the ship and the barrel of rum. Any takers? I was slipping around in the ether reading about Jeremy's podcasts and clicking on his links (kinky!) where I found these amazing French satin knickers. Then it was over to the Trollop Salon where Jeremy is hearting Sommer. Steamy! For the record, I heart Sommer's everything! I clicked on Alison's heart pasties and naturally gravitated towards the most beautiful fucking goth burlesque pirate booty I've ever seen at ETSY. That feathered cap with the skull and those black rose pasties! I could just fill a whole steamer trunk. That outfit would go so perfectly with my tattoo. Board my vessel ye lusty swags -- let's dance!

Coming Tomorrow: Painted hills and celestial bodies!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Yippeeee! I'll be there as soon as I finish inflating my Cecil the Sea Serpent swim toy!

You sure know how to throw a pastie—er, throw a party.

Kirsten Monroe said...

All right! I think the party will be somewhere near Jamaica, so you and Cecil will have nice warm water to splash about in.