Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Come take a lick of my peppermint stick

Attention everyone! Time to get down and dirty! The lovely Ms. Shanna Germain is getting her ho-ho on and giving away books too! What are you waiting for? Send her a holiday fantasy!

"Yes, I’m really doing it. My holiday book giveaway. 
The economy might suck (and not in a
 good way), but getting free, sexy books makes it all better. So, I’m playing santa this year — or rather, Santa’s hot little elf. Putting on my candy-cane striped stockings and my short little skirt and bending over to pull brand new books out of Santa’s big old bag."

OMG -- there's my fantasy right there. Shanna Germain in candy cane stockings and a little tiny skirt and bending over the big guy's bag. Yum! Holy Yule Log, where was I?

Right....Sometimes a girl just wants to be really naughty -- I have some dirty holiday fun posted here at Sam's bad, bad blog -- and it does get hotter, promise!

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