Sunday, November 9, 2008

That final animal plunge

"Republicans I Have Loved" by Steve Almond. Painted-on jeans, a straight-laced Republican cowgirl, a horny Jewish boy, and a Sarah Palin fantasy that involves light bondage and bacon grease? Goodness!

Oh, the joy of laughter, freedom and moving on! (I'm giddy enough to bare my own real-life belly button. Shhh...don't tell the Pope!).

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, I found real, live huckleberries in my yard last night. I thought the bush was finished. Kaput. I should know better than to ever say kaput! Shame on me! The whole world went technicolor when I discovered them. I'm headed out in a rainstorm to gather them up. Then I'll saute them in butter and sugar and pour their sweet, soft purple pleasure globes atop homemade elephant ears. Sound good? Slurp! Happy Birthday Neve, fellow fan of the little berry, and congrats on finishing a NOVEL. Gives me goosebumps. I'll think of you whilst licking purple syrup from my fingers.


Postscript: News flash -- much more brazen and dangerous and my bare belly.....naked berries! Oh, my God, too delicious to be legal! A breakfast to make the Pope blush!


Neve Black said...

Love the image. Very hot, grrrl.

You're tease! Huckleberries and elephant ears, oh my!


Jeremy Edwards said...

their sweet, soft purple pleasure globes

Mmm ... sometimes a huckleberry is not just a huckleberry.

I'll think of [Neve] whilst licking purple syrup from my fingers.

And I think we're all going to be thinking of you doing that. Probably in the outfit shown in the photo. ; )

My spamword is igoenerp; and I really do go completely enerp over your luscious writing.

Neve Black said...

Holy crap, Kirsten! I'm trying to write porn here and you're distracting me with words like, globes, licking, fingers and naked berries...whew.

Good Lord. I'm hungry!

Thank you. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks for stopping by both of you and for your nice comments! Happy to add a little stickiness and sugar to your Sunday :)

Jeremy, you really do get all the best spamwords.