Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not for the anally retentive

I came across this gorgeous Brit blog called "The Wry Writer." I love the site warnings: "This web site contains no roughage or vitamins and is not a substitute for drugs. It should be viewed only once a day as over-dosing can result in convulsions, permanent eye damage or loss of brain function, cognitive or otherwise...Not recommended for the anally retentive, pets or persons of a nervous disposition."

Amongst other titillating posts on the blog is some hot "Delilah's Song." British girls, tattoos, other worlds, horses, and leaf litter. Well, she had me at leaf litter, let me tell you.

Delilah's Song
DELILAH WAS AWARE of the soft warm body that lay across her, as she sucked in a ragged breath, winded from the fall. She herself, lay spread-eagled, flat on her back, atop leaf-litter and who knew what else. Her nose was assailed by a number of wooded-smells which were reassuring but not very forthcoming. Dappled sunlight shafted down through low overhang. She blinked in surprise.

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Alex said...

Thank you for not only the ego boost, but also the plug for the website, Kirsten. Which is much appreciated.

I hope you're enjoying Delilah's Song, as well. I'll be posting a new four-part short story over the next four days too.

See you in the comments. :)