Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going places

Alison Tyler has a way of getting my mind going. I love her so for that. In the midst of an insanely busy life, her blog entries and contests give my mind something to wrap around. Her current "Motel Sex" contest is like a buzzing neon sign in my mind.

I keep going back to the theme, recalling various instances -- both incredibly sexy and horribly creepy (as motels can be) where I found myself in one of those strange little rooms. It's fun -- like going on a road trip. It's also fun to remember the meals in the odd and interesting restaurants & diners that surround motels. Dollar pancakes. Banana splits. Biscuits & gravy. Hash browns. Link sausage. Percolator coffee. Salisbury steak. Grits & butter.

There was the time in college when the Motel 6 offered to leave the light on for us and give us a cheap (we went Dutch) escape from parents and roommates. That night made me feel as much a grown-up as anything I'd experienced up to that point. There was a marathon red wine session at with another couple at the divey little place in a beach town. Yes, we had "Red, Red Wine" blaring on a cassette tape. There was a place called "The Spur" in Flagstaff, Arizona. I'll never forget the scary room without a view in my college town that I stayed at alone while apartment hunting. I slept with my knife open next to my pillow. My favorite dive is one I shared with my hubby. We were so desperate for one another that we drove and drove from what seemed like far ends of the earth to be together....and we brightened that dingy little off-the-freeway place sure enough, lit up the night with fireworks.

Such a simple launch a billion thought bubbles. Thanks A.T.!

Here's another bit of simple joy. Chocolate cake -- the kind you'd see in one of those glass displays near the front counter of a diner along Route 66. And with Icing, not frosting. Pour a cup of joe and have a slice while you write.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake with Glossy Chocolate Icing



Glossy chocolate Icing


Craig Sorensen said...

I love motels. Been in them all across the county. Lived in one for a month and a half. I have fond memories of motels on family vacations as a kid too.

In a sort of related theme, my word verification is "curtbus." Good for travel between motels, methinks.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Craig! I know, I'm amazed at how many cool motel memories I have. There was a place in southern Oregon that had a hole cut in the floor to accommodate a tree. When I finally went to Disneyland as a teenager, our Dad got us a place with a vibrating bed. At one point our whole family was on that bed giggling our asses off. We had more fun on that damn bed than in Disneyland!

Curtbus -- makes me think of the hippie bus from Eugene -- the Green Tortoise. Dang -- I so need a road trip!

EllaRegina said...

Speaking of hippies, my verification word is: hippl.


EllaRegina said...

PS, Great post. You covered motels, but good.

And yeah, that Alison Tyler! She is the muse that keeps on giving.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi EllaRegina,

Hippl! Hippie Love maybe?

Yep, AT is something, eh? The mother of all muses!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Let's all check in to a motel!! We could take over the place

Jeremy Edwards said...

Sorry, I forgot to type a period (which happens periodically)—here it is now:


Kirsten Monroe said...


You're so funny. Glad you got that period in there! Yes, let's all meet up someplace. The tackier the better. With magic fingers beds and a little outdoor pool. I am the queen of the cannonball & I'll bet you do an impressive belly flop!