Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Down the rabbit hole

Thank you, thank you to Lucrezia Magazine -- my story "Blessed Hellride" will be online soon!

A snippet:

Lightning streaked across the sky, not unusual for Savannah in May, but strangely, no rain fell. The air, typically heavy with moisture, felt dry, causing a prickling sensation on Adrienne’s skin. Her nipples hardened beneath her coat and all the dampness that belonged in the air seemed to settle between her thighs as they walked.

Finally, Marcus turned, guiding them down a narrow street. He led Adrienne, wobbling on her weapon-shod feet, down a dark stairway to an entrance that looked like someplace you’d never want to go, like the service entrance to the underworld. Marcus knocked twice. He paused three seconds, and then knocked again.

Before the door opened, Marcus whispered, “This isn’t a whorehouse, dearest. It isn’t a swinger’s club or a sex bar. What it is can hardly be explained in words. So you’ll just have to find out.”


Jeremy Edwards said...

Congrabbitlations! I mean ... Grabcopulations! Er ... Kudos!!

Neve Black said...

Yah! Congratulations!!

Donna said...

It sounds luscious! I can't wait to read it!

Kirsten Monroe said...

You are all so nice! I'm looking forward to seeing it on the big screen myself :)

Craig Sorensen said...

Lucrezia Magazine is awesome as is Anastasia.

And what an outstanding teaser you provided. I look forward to finding out what sort of place this is!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks Craig -- I love Lucrezia, but this will be my first piece in it. Exciting!