Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dangerous & fearless

A good friend with a terminal illness said to me recently, "Live dangerously." Go down in a ball of fire is what he meant, not in a morphine cloud.

His words made me want to leap into the sky again, floating beneath the strings of a parachute. Made me want to turn corners fast and climb, lungs burning, feet slipping, into thin air. Made me want to sail in all kinds of weather, pull anchor and set off even when the sky is blood red in morning. And then, in the middle of the sea, with a tempest raging, jump ship.

But I'm not sure if I ever really will live dangerously, not in the true sense of it. Fearlessly is a more attainable goal, I think. So I'm off, leather boots and velvet mini-dress clad to venture fearlessly into the city. Ms. Germain and Viva Las Vegas and Kevin Keck know what fearlessness is all about. I'm hoping a little of their powerful magic rubs off -- a little fairy dust to help me fly up, up, up and away.

Tomorrow from Neverland: Booty Call6: Ain't your average stodgy book reading.

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