Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And I came upon this massive mount

She touched me. She wrapped her long, warm fingers around mine and looked into my eyes. I went all starstruck and babbled something unintelligable. However, I'm certain that I am now cured of something terrible, having seen and touched Susie Bright in the flesh, breathed the same air for two hours. I did feel a little spring in my step this morning, as if some sneaky insidious and unknown-to-me ailment had been miraculously lifted from my body. As I was mumbling, Susie signed a copy of her luscious, first-ever hardcover collection of erotica for me, "X The Erotic Treasury." "Clits up!" she wrote. "--Susie Bright." Yes, oh yes, clits up! Yes! I promise!

Shanna had to dash off into the night (dammit, Shanna, we should have gone streaking or something! Fuck the day job!) So I wandered off to my car, my head full of bubbling thoughts and spinning Susie Brightisms.

Susie's talk was on "The Sexual State of the Union." Held on a college campus, the event drew a diverse but young crowd, mostly women. Susie covered such a broad range of topics that I can hardly summarize. What struck me the most about everything Susie discussed, from the ludicrous and sad Bush policy of abstinence-based AIDS education ("I just want government and the church out of my pants") to atheism to cross-dressing right wing politicians to "civil ceremonies for everyone" to hilarious personal stories about feminism in the 70's (she took over a janitor's closet in her high school to hand out condoms and provide sex education) is her honesty and fearlessness. What an amazing world it would be with just a little more of that.

And she even loves to sew....and eat.....and hike. "I love Portland," Susie said. "I have eaten my way through this town like nobody's business.....And I hiked to the top of the amazing Mt. Tabor." She described rising at dawn, walking in the mist and moonlight, watching the sun streak pink across the sky, the city lights twinkling in the fog. "It was wonderful," she said, arms outstretched. "I got up and came upon this massive mount! live in such a beautiful place....if I lived here, I would go for a long walk every day."

Can I come too?

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Neve Black said...

Wow! I'm goose-pimpled everywhere, K. Unbelievable. I wouldn't have been able to speak either. Mind flying, nothing audible coming out of my mouth.

That's so cool that you met and saw the famous, well-respected, icon of eroticism - "Hi, would you mind autographing my panties?" Susie Bright.

Good for you! :-)