Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The Autoerotica contest results are in. My entry was "Dirty Girl" and I'm proud of my five sweet votes! Congrats to the amazing Dakotah Rebel who won with "Scratched." All of the short shorts are hot reads. Thanks to the mystery voters out there who liked my tale of naughtiness.

My story is admitedly a bit strange, but there's nothing strange about vintage Indian motorcycles. Just look!

Dirty Girl

Ringo revs the throttle, easing the bike past the sagging barn door.

Hail balls bigger than Satan’s gonads slam into the roof, shuddering the rafters.

The red Indian roars between my legs, then shivers silent. Rain drips off leather. Hisses on hot metal. Ringo spotted the old barn just in time, right before the killer ice rocketed to earth.

“Good girls don’t hitch rides,” Ringo says.

I swing around, unbuckle his belt.“Fifty-three Indian Chief. Nothing more trustworthy than that.”


“Wasn’t planning on it ‘till I heard your sweet ride.”

“I'm a bad girl, what can I say?”

The sexual tension is like a downed electrical wire snaking between us, a fuse lit twenty miles back, hands slipped between his legs.

My nipples feel raw and hot beneath my t-shirt.

Ringo pulls his belt free, binds my wrists above my head, pushes me backwards along the length of the warm machine, unbuttoning.

“You aren’t a bad girl or a naughty girl.”


“You’re a dirty girl.”

He straddles me, squeezes my breasts. He pulls one leg by the ankle, brings his hand down wide on my naked butt, hard as fuck.

“Fuck! Oh God!”

I’m grinding beneath him. Wrists burning. Cock teasing on wet thighs. His pre-cum drips thick oily pearls onto my stomach.

He slaps me harder. Pinches. Licks himself from me. Thunder booms against old barn wood.“Fuck me! Please.”

I came on the first slap but it’s never enough. I’m a dirty girl and I want one more for the road.


It must be fate that Violet Blue posted this racy clip on her blog today: Voluptuous Biker Babes, filmed on the exact location of Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill!

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