Monday, October 6, 2008

Spoon feed a hot rod

Above photo by Jonathon Miller available from ETSY:
This is where all the power begins.
An engine can't run if it isn't fed, and a big stack of carburetors
is the perfect thing to spoon feed a Hot Rod.


My first car was a city bus. Then it was the parents' gawdawful green station wagon straight from the set of Family Vacation. My first real ride was a yellow 1969 Mercury Cougar. Can you say VROOM? Then I had a rusty old 1966 VW Bug (that I could fit all of my earthly possessions in -- those were the days!) followed by a Honda. Gulp. Mini-van. Ick. New Beetle. Wheee! Crunch. Back to a gas-friendly Honda.

Now there's a motorcycle in the garage that sort of runs and I adore my bicycle. But my favorite engine will always be my first love, the Cougar. That fast, loud, wonderfully tomboyish hot rod. On my list of things to do is a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. One of these days, I'm outta here for Speed Week.

Alison Tyler's current contest is awesome -- what's there not to love about the wonderful combination of lust and machines? I won't say if I have an entry or not, but all of the short shorts are wonderful reading. I played a game a few minutes ago and combined the first sentence of each one to create a new story. Fun!

When I do throw down, I like to participate in Alison's anonymous contests doubly anonymously.....but as an auto sports fan, I say, go! Check it out! Partake! Enjoy! Hit the road for the joy ride of your life, and vote for what truly gets your motor running!

Trollop with a Laptop: From Sex in a CRX to Banged in a Yugo...


Neve Black said...

Good Morning sunshine!
I read your blog entry last night and felt inspired to also add AT's contest to my blog this morning.

Thanks for that, chica.

I'm a little slow sometimes. Why in the world haven't I been doing this for every contest? Duh.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Neve!

I think I figured I didn't have enough traffic on my silly blog for it to matter or make a difference, but then I thought, what do I know? I don't track hits or anything. Maybe it's a worldwide sensation :) I know for sure that you're a worldwide sensation, so I'm glad you posted it!

Now I'm going to go see if I can spot you amongst the gearheads.

Neve Black said...

I don't count the hits on my blog either. I guess there's lots of things I should be doing, but finding the time...

World wide sensation? Oh, you must have me confused with Jeremy. ;-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

I think Jeremy is even bigger than worldwide -- to the Universe and Beyond!