Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A fine and pleasant mystery

Something about the change of seasons....makes me all mushy. Or maybe it's the carrots.

Unearthed Here

I love to pull the wool over your eyes on cold fall evenings,
my fingers aching for you as I roll the hem
of your rough grey sweater in my fingertips.

I love to feel the heat of your sweat wound up in the fibers
as I lift it over your head, peel back the
wetness of your cotton undershirt
and finally release you into your skin.

The bath water is rising.

I am already wind-blown bare of foliage,
my flesh rising like cream
in the light of just one small candle.

The fine and pleasant mystery
of our nakedness submerged in shadow.

I love the way the steam rises from your back
and settles against white curves of my ass
flickering in the mirror.

I love the way we fit together perfectly
within the porcelain walls
curved and concave
after we slide into the stinging hot water.

The house is thick and steady against the change of seasons.
There is sensuality in labor.
Chopping and stacking, raking, digging, sawing.
Our chores are split like cordwood.
We divide without speaking it.
There is no he or she in daylight, only you and I.
The male and female of our existence
is unearthed here.

There is no other undressing. No lace. No heels. No straps or ties or clasps.
Just our old earth-streaked clothes
shed onto white stone like snake skins.
Skin and teeth and lips and bones.
Muscles tightened against time.

It is good to float here with you.

The candle flickers out
with a hiss.
The tap drips.

I love to slide against you
in the dark
damp leaves through the cracked window
wrap myself in
the blanket of your heat.

Our lips whisper
and we answer
with hands and legs and hips
and sighs.

Spice may be variety
but familiarity is food
and life-giving
like breathing and laughter.


Craig Sorensen said...

Nice! Love it!

Keep eatin' them carrots, Kirsten!

Emerald said...

Oh, I found this so very beautiful!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks so much Craig & Emerald. I'm not much of a poet, but it felt good to put those sentiments into words.

I am munching away on my colorful carrot friends. Love All Ways! Steamed, raw, pureed.....

max said...

yes, all of those things are as wonderful as your words telling of them.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi There Max,

Thanks so much!


Emerald said...

Btw, KM, I quite enjoyed reading "Mustang Sally" over at Clean Sheets. I left a comment for it there. :)


Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks Emerald! I think it's time for some more cowgirl action. The wide open spaces are calling :)