Saturday, September 27, 2008

Like a hippie ballerina!

The sky was magic last night. The sunset had faded to the moment when the blue sky becomes purple and the clouds become white again. To the west, the sky stayed brighter above the clouds and instead of shapes in the clouds, there were shapes in the sky. Outstretched arms and faces and feet and lips and legs and hair -- mermaids sunning themselves, a boy doing cartwheels, lovers tangled in the sheets. I thought, I want to be a mermaid in the sky! I want to curl up in the cloud sheets!

And then I remembered about "Earth Friend Jen" -- who stopped by Portland for a visit and has been in the news lately. I love living near a place that has hippie ballerinas and where it's perfectly legal to stride topless through the city. But I am concerned about the construction workers around here. What kind of f-ed up construction workers call 9-1-1 to report a naked rollerblader? You won't find me stripping in the city, only in the woods, but I agree with newspaper headline. Roll on Earth Friend Jen, roll on!

From College OTR: Our new obsession with Earth Friend Gen, an Oregon woman named Gennifer Moss who gets naked in the name of peace, is moving right along— on a bicycle. While previously EGE considered rollerblades her preferred mode of transportation, now the nude pacifist rides a bike. Sure they’re both environmentally-friendly vehicles, but there was little else in the world quite so scintillating as the sight of Earth Friend Gen rollerblading naked with one leg in the air like a hippie ballerina. This will not happen on the bicycle, but with a bit of therapy, we’ll get through this.


Neve Black said...

I love your cloud word imagery, KM. I bet you looked up into the sky as a little girl and made all kinds of stories from clouds, like me, huh?

I did read about this amazing woman's naked plight for peace. Shame on those who stand her way!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Neve,

I've always had my head in the clouds!

I know! Shame on them! Let her roll & ride for peace!