Thursday, September 11, 2008

Laden with flasks of canary wine

Artwork by Luis Ricardo Falero

Oh my! I love Shakespeare.....what a treat to come upon the true erotic story behind Shakespeare's Twelfth night -- a tease from a novella at Oysters & Chocolate by Sexburga featuring Livvy, the lovely Lady Olivia Cherrypit. And yes, I have ordered all 15 chapters, including the prologue and eplilogue. (Read to the end to learn how to get your own copy!) Thanks Sexburga!

Livvy's Tale
by Sexburga

"This Wednesday (our local market day) I’d contrived to be alone when Romario called. I’d dispersed my household thus: my uncle Toby, with his crony Sir Andrew, I had sent on a fishing excursion to the Thames; with them went Maria, my saucy maid, who had become somewhat familiar with Toby, and had taken to much quaffing with him. The boat was laden with flasks of Canary wine, so I made sure they’d be gone till sundown! I dispatched my steward Marjoy in the family carriage to Henley with the other servants, to make household purchases, trusting they’d take full advantage of their freedom and stay abroad till curfew. All was well, for as the clock of Henley church chimed the hour, Romario arrived, unaware we were the only human souls present on the estate. It being a warm September day I was in my garden, reclining on the rustic love-seat beneath my father’s old apple tree. Its leaves had turned to bronze, and the filtered sunlight was dripping onto my brows …"

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