Friday, September 26, 2008

Just another day at the office

One of Alison Tyler's fun contests resulted in a silly snippet.....which led to other snippets. Thanks for connecting the dots Sam!

The winner that fine day was EllaRegina's amazing "Harold and the Black Fountain Pen"

My girl went on to teach the boss man a lesson.

Chapter 1. "Send me a shot"

The gamma rays and girl talk must have gone to my head and somehow it just slipped out about Mr. Naughtypants and his greedy libido. Marsha fumed. "Bastard! He asked me for titty pictures and tried to get me to come in on a Saturday to work on his spreadsheets."

Sylvia looked ordinary enough. But I imagined that there was probably plenty of extra-ordinary beneath her tidy blond ponytail, fringed western-style top, jean skirt and hooker-heeled black leather cowboy boots embroidered with red pistols.

"The pens you ordered Mr. Irving," I said, moving closer. "We searched far and wide until we found the special-order colors you asked for -- scented yellow and black. Banana and licorice…..licorice whip, that is." When I said the word "whip," I hissed it slowly in a loud whisper. I tilted my body forward, pressing my upper thigh and the dildo into his leg. I looked up at him and winked. He stared, mouth open, startled, as I lightly ran my fingers along the edge of the cock so he could just see the outline of it through my skirt.

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