Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jittery for some kink

It's Wednesday, after all. Time for some Hump Day fun. Thanks for the post Sam!

Closing Time
by KM

Tapped out. That's what I was. It was a slow night at the bar. I'd been pulling the tap all night for the beer belly crowd, not even doing any mixing. I guess I was a little bored from the monotony, which made me antsy for some action, jittery for some kink, if you know what I mean. My mind had long since slipped into the gutter.....


Jeremy Edwards said...

Yay, the rest of Fucking Ecstatic Hour!!

[Don't read the remainder of this comment till you've read the story, people, because I'm about to quote big delicious chunks of it.]

"Holy shit Billy Bob!" she shrieked. "I was grabbing for a handful of ruffles. You're as naked and wet as the olive in a dirty martini."

Woohoo! Sometimes you pan for silver and come up with gold.

I could see the skank in your smirk from across the room.

That should go on a T-shirt.

The electrical storm between my legs was making me high. When it was my turn to shoot, Cinnamon made her move, licking the base of my bare ass cheeks when I bent over.

Wow—between the storm image and the licking endeavor, this may just be my favorite paragraph of all. [I will spend some more time with it to verify that—give me an hour or two. ; )]

I bent down, nuzzling Cin's damp thighs with my lips and pulling her sparkling black ruffled rumba tanka panties down to her ankles.

Ruffled rumba tanka panties! What a savory mouthful. I'm only three-quarters sure what those are (I wrote a ruffled rumba panties piece myself, once upon a time), but they sure look great around Cin's ankles.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks Jeremy! Your colorful commentary made my day. Where did rumba tanka come from anyway? I'm sure they exist....somewhere....maybe Brazil or Argentina???? Have you verified the storm surge effect yet? Still your favorite?