Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heels of glory

"Freud believed that, for many men, shoes represent female genitalia. But aren't they more like visible underwear? Shoes can be about comfort or about allure, but I dare you to find any that are about both. Figuring out how to combine walkability and sexiness is the Grand Unification Goal of cobblers."

I vote for visible panties. In Freudland, what would wearing my favorite Chuck Taylor's say about my pussy? "Cough up that furball kitty." But this isn't about me, is it? This is about them. The dudes. What would Chuck T's tell a dude about my pussy? "Bring it!" or "Back off bucko"? Does wearing plain old shoes send an invisible man-beam radar signal that my privates are boring and maybe kinda stinky? Or easygoing and fun? Do they scream asexual or boyish or something like that? Whadya say there Freud?

Whatever. I like fancy shoes now and then because they're fun and cute, they flip my body into a sexy angle, give my hips a bit of curve and swing, force me to slow down, and most importantly, give me a few desperately needed inches of extra height so I can see over the counter when ordering my latte or get a little respect and attention, thank you very much, when I walk into a room. If my feet scream "shaved, wet and ready for you big guy" to a man, so be it.

Just look at those vaginas go!


Craig Sorensen said...

Thanks for sharing this Kirsten!

I'm not nuts for high-heels. There's nothing wrong with them, they just don't appeal to me that much, but I admire those women who led the pack on stilettos!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Interesting! What type of foot panties appeal to you then? Consider yourself part of my important scientific research on this topic.

Craig Sorensen said...

I don't usually participate in surveys, Kirsten, but for you I'll make an exception! ;-)

I don't know if there is any particular footwear that resonates with me unto itself.

I guess I find the foot "au naturel" most appealing. In that spirit, I do like a lovely foot cradled in sandals or even flip-flops as they make that "fwap fwap" sound when the lady walks.

Dance shoes, which flex with the motion of the foot, are sexy too.

Kirsten Monroe said...

That's awesome -- commando feet! (Much better for hot springs and outdoor concerts too.)

Dance shoes....oooh. Yes, dance shoes are so lovely.