Monday, September 1, 2008

The Banana Room's Red Stairway

Or found in translation....or how one thing leads to another....

I'm off on a little sensual tour this morning with Donna George Story by way of Susie Bright's Journal. Then, looking for a photo for this post, I stumbled upon a site dedicated to Iwase Yoshiyuki and his fine art photos of the Japanese "ama" -- sea divers and nudes -- simply mesmerizing. Who knows where it will end.

Thanks Donna! Congrats on the success of your book...and thank you for taking us along with you into all of the secret, wonderful spaces....

I wrote about this curiosity in “Ukiyo,” my short story about an evening in Japan’s floating world that appeared in Best American Erotica 2006.

I so enjoyed peeking through an ever-naughtier series of sliding screens in that story, I extended my search into a semi-autobiographical novel, Amorous Woman, about an America woman’s journey through Japan’s sexual landscape, first as a horny housewife, then a bar hostess, a mistress, and finally, a prostitute.

I recently had the good fortune to return to Japan to revisit some of my favorite locales from the story and the novel. One misty April evening after sunset, I headed to the entertainment district of Gion.


Neve Black said...

Great images.

Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for this congratulatory post toasting Donna and all her Amorous Woman success. I think it's wonderful and I'm equally excited for her.

Donna said...

Thank you, Kirsten and Neve!

Sorry to be late to thank you for your kind mention of my after-dark tour of Kyoto. I LOVE these images you've chosen (way better than the doings inside the Banana Room, I'm quite certain).

Oh, and this week I join you at The Erotic Woman. Love that place--they have good taste in authors, don't you think?