Thursday, August 28, 2008

You taste like sin

Such a thrill -- I received a "yes" (Cleis publishing permitting) for my story Road Trip from Sacchi Green for her upcoming lesbian erotica anthology "Girl Crazy." I can't even say how wowed I am about the news. Even a simple acknowledgement such as a "maybe" or even a "try again next time" would have sent me to the moon. Thanks to Jeremy Edwards for the encouragement and hot tip on a place to submit this story.

I've only done a handful (a happy handful) of lesbian pieces, but they are fun to write -- I really enjoy them and hope to do more. The excerpt below actually starts off with some violence....of the boxing type. Red gloves, though padded, unlike the ones in the photo, which I simply couldn't resist. (Vienna die bike 2008! Holy wow!) There is a bet. A fucking bet. And then a match. Blood and bruises. A winner. And a loser. And then....softer, more lickable things happen. I am hopeful that it will find acceptance somewhere, besides my oh so rock hard and throbbing, but secluded hard drive.

Blood Lust
an excerpt
by Moi

"You taste like sin. Delicious hot sin."

Rae ran her hands through Lucy's hair and leaned back as Lucy continued to pleasure her nipples and breasts, pressing them together and biting lightly, her tongue smooth and soft within her hungry, less patient mouth.

Suddenly, she stopped and pulled away.

Rae tried to pull her back.

"Not yet. Get dressed. We're going on a picnic."

"We are?"

Rae wanted to fuck. Here. Now. In the Fuck Shui shrine. God, she wanted it bad. A picnic?

"I want you to feed me grapes and read poetry to me. I warned you that you'd be at the working end of my whip, remember?"


Rae pushed a juicy grape into her mouth and leaned over Lucy, slowly sliding it between her lips as the sun sank lower and lower on the horizon. Soon they had polished off everything but the cake, including the entire bottle of wine.

"Just leave your clothes on the blanket. Come on!"

Lucy was serious about swimming. The sun had long since set. Stars had begun blinking on across the sky, reflecting in the inky blackness of the lake.

Rae held out her hand and let Lucy pull her into the water, the initial shock sending shivers up her legs and across her butt. Silt and small stones on the lake bottom felt smooth and good on the soles of her feet.

The starlight words began to rise. Fuck. Dark. Mouth. Wave. Cool. Star. Kiss. Skin. Stone. Glide. Sky. Float.

The three-quarter moon cast a silver net across the water. Lucy pulled Rae deeper until they were both nipple high in the water, their hair floating atop the ripples.

Rae pulled Lucy's slippery naked body into her, sliding her hand between her legs, finally connecting with her sex, the heat of her pussy radiating through the coolness of the water, warming Rae's fingers.

"Kiss me there," Lucy whispered.

Rae slid under the water and held onto Lucy's hips as she sought her heat with her tongue. She licked at her softness, pressing her cheeks into Lucy's goose pimpled thighs for as long as she could before coming up for air.

"My turn."

Lucy dove down to return the favor. Rae leaned her head back to soak in the seduction of the night sky, little wavelets and ripples forming around them as they stirred the blackness with their bodies.

God, Lucy's tongue on her clit was like a gift. She came up for air and Rae dove onto her breasts, sliding her hands around their perfect form, letting them float into her mouth. She continued to tease Lucy's breasts, then lifted her ass and tilted her back until she was floating. Rae held her there and slid her fingers deep into Lucy's cunt, kissing her breasts and stomach. She fucked her harder as she felt Lucy's slippery wet lips swell with pleasure.

Lucy's long legs spread wide in the water as she floated. The only sounds were intermittent frogs and crickets, a light breeze blowing through the surrounding trees, and the lapping of wavelets across their skin. Lucy's face shone silver in the moonlight. She tilted her head back further in the water as Rae fucked her hard, rubbing her clit with her thumb, her fingers sinking deeper and deeper into her cunt, lifting her hips higher in the water. Lucy let out a tight breath and squeezed her ass hard as she came. Rae watched her face intently, entranced by Lucy's eyelids and cheekbones glowing in the moonlight, her mouth open, tongue out slightly and gliding across her upper lip as she shuddered. "Yessss. Oh sweet Sugar Rae yesss."

Rae couldn't take her eyes off of her as she came, the look of pleasure on Lucy's face so intensely powerful and beautiful. It was that same Christmassy feeling as a solid blow to the jaw, except it was better. It was so much better. It was Christmas and the Fourth of July all at once. All fireworks and snow, every celebration, every joy, all wrapped up in one fantastic moment.

Lucy slowly returned to consciousness and pulled Rae in close, wrapping herself around her.


Neve Black said...


Go girl, go!! I'm happy for you, chica. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks Neve! I feel like the blue fairy has visited to grant me my wish. A real book! A real book!

Heidi Champa said...

Congrats! It is a great feeling, isn't it? Hope it is one of many!

Neve Black said...

You deserve it. You work hard and hell, you're great writer.

p.s. Once I learned that you make your own beer too, I think I may have proposed to you on Craig's blog. Yeah, I know, I'm not your type. I'm geographically undesirable. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

Ha! I didn't see your comment over at Craig's blog 'till just now. I am geographically and matrimonily bound, but I hope we can still share pornographic marching band uniforms. And our mutual affection for good old Metallica.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Heidi -- thanks so much! I hope so too. Getting there & having fun along the way, so it's all good!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Am I allowed to make feline noises? Because, see, I've just read this excerpt, and all I can say is ... purrrr ... and rowrrr.


Your writing consistently brims over with sensuality and joie de vivre—it's a really impressive effect, and it gives your work such a distinctive magic. As a reader, I feel like you take me into a secret higher gear that's not shown on the dashboard.

The starlight words began to rise. Fuck. Dark. Mouth. Wave. Cool. Star. Kiss. Skin. Stone. Glide. Sky. Float.


Craig Sorensen said...


Wonderful news, your being selected for inclusion in Girl Crazy!

Loved the juicy little excerpt too.


Kirsten Monroe said...

Thanks Jeremy -- of course you're allowed to make feline noises. Any happy "ine" sounds acceptable -- canine, equine, bovine, porcine.

"your writing consistently brims over with...." now I'm purring.

Craig -- thank you also! Maybe someday I'll have a shelf photo also :)