Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rubber coated

Painting by Justin Forbes

Is table tennis not loaded with potential to be the sexiest sport on the planet? There are paddles. And not just any paddles, either. Not those boring sex shop paddles. Oh no. Sporty "long pips rubber" coated paddles. There is lightning speed. There are hotties. There are balls. And it's not just a sport for the yunguns -- there are hot MILFS and FILFS out there swinging paddles too.

According to the NY Times, times are a changing and the gawdawful sack-o-taters uniform could be on its way out.

I say they just relax and go for the look in the painting above. Or maybe the schoolgirl mini for women. Move over or bend over Misty May! Soon you and the rest of the gang will be competing with table tennis for hot uniforms.

From the NY Times: Do Stylish Clothes Make the Player?

About four years ago, Bergeret began a campaign to revamp the sport’s wardrobe, going so far as to present executives from table-tennis outfitters with a slide show contrasting the outfits of female tennis players with those worn by their table-tennis counterparts.

“They understood the problem,” Bergeret said.

Since then, several of the major clothiers — Joola, Butterfly, Tibhar and Li Ning, she said — have begun tinkering with the typical uniform, adding miniskirts, fitted shirts and other elements. Bergeret held a fashion show during last year’s table tennis World Cup, showcasing updated uniforms for both men and women.

This hot little number found at ETSY does double-duty as the perfect pool/ping pong skirt. (Look at the tulle hem -- Oh my God, that's hot!).


Neve Black said...

What's going on with you, a cool basement and a hot guy, chica?

Love the added touch of the Hooter's tee over the school girl. Bad, with a touch of, well sweetness.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Neve,

When it's hot on top, the basement is a good place to be!

I know, that naughty shirt is perfect, eh? Not sure if I could actually get away with that look. Well, maybe with a pool stick in my hand!

Ciao! Thanks for stopping by!