Monday, August 25, 2008

Rosy red cheeks. Cheeky red roses.

Congrats to Shanna Germain on a lovely review of her story "Perfect Bound" in Spanked: Red Cheeked Erotica.

Typewriter ribbon is sexy? Oh yes! I was so very fortunate to be in-the-flesh at a recent reading of Perfect Bound along with smoldering tidbits from some other hot pieces in the City of Roses.

If you've never heard Shanna read with that beautiful poet's voice of hers or watched her toss her silky blonde mane (don't cut it Shanna, just a light trim!) or seen her blush in person, it's worth the airfare or the gas or the sore feet or swimmer's ear or whatever it takes to get there....I promise.

Here is the link to Shanna G. reading on Blog Radio -- Air Atta Ca Talk with Sunny.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Ooh, ooh, and while you're all waiting for your plane tickets, rental cars, Segways, and friendly dolphins, you can hear Shanna's breathtaking readings of her breathtaking stories via the radio link on her blog!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Oh, thanks Jeremy! I got all excited and forgot to link to blog radio! I'll do that now. Gotta love the friendly dolphins though.

Craig Sorensen said...

I have heard the lovely Shanna speak, but have never been present at one of the readings. I hope some day I will get that opportunity. Of course, the fact that she is an awesome writer doesn't hurt!

I've been fortunate to hear the lovely Jeremy read his fine writing too, and he's got some serious game!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Y'all should hop a box car and head west!

Jeremy certainly does have game! I wish I could do spoken word like a pro that way.

Jeremy Edwards said...


[Smiling ear to ear.]

Aw, thanks, you two!!

P.S. My spamword is exwngpxj. I guess that's a former wngpxj.