Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pull up an ergonomic chair, m*fer

I wish I could jet off to San Francisco for this evening of job horror at Working for the Weakened.

Thomas Roche will be there, along with a whole wrecking crew of folks. Here's the description from Skid Roche: "Four nights of employment horror stories — I’ve got four thousand nights’ worth of ‘em, and a large number of their attendant early mornings. Did I ever tell you, for instance, about the 500 pages of 20-digit serial numbers from oceangoing rail containers? The drug-addled HIV education meeting in Concord? Pull up an ergonomic chair, motherfucker, but don’t even try to get comfortable."

Road trip Shanna?? We could both rattle off more than a few sordid tales of working girl woe into the open mike. Let's go!

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